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Tyler Bossetti’s Upcoming Book, “All For Nothing,” Sheds Light On The Crypto Mogul’s Rise To Fame

Building a crypto and real estate empire has taught Tyler Bossetti a lot of things, including how to fuel your pain into purpose and your wounds into wisdom. Click to learn more about his inspiring journey to success.


Private flights, luxury wheels, and scenic views make up the majority of Tyler Bossetti’s fast-paced life. He is an entrepreneur, thought leader, and occasional meme-maker, who paves the way for individuals to create generational wealth through the power of investing. But how did Bossetti reach this level of success so early on in his career, and how is he able to help so many others do the same?


When Bossetti was just eight years old, his father passed away, and it led to a lot of pain, financial burden and limited beliefs around money in his household. As a result, he grew up following a safe path to success, which included going to school and landing a nine-to-five job. However, fate had different plans for Bossetti. He wasn’t meant to lead a normal life. While in college, he felt driven to challenge his limiting beliefs around finances, and dropped out of school to follow his dreams. He turned his experience into his purpose, and began to think of money as an opportunity instead of as a burden. 


“When I first started learning about money, I just wanted to understand credit, and how to travel for free. Now it’s turned into acquiring assets that allow you to leave a legacy, and how to leverage those assets to create more income,” he says.


As a 9-figure real estate developer, new economy maverick, and crypto-mining expert, Bossetti’s wealth of knowledge has changed the lives of people all over North America and the world. His blueprint for success? It revolves around taking risks, believing in oneself, and of course, investing in crypto and real estate. 


Bossetti is the owner and operator of multiple crypto mining facilities, co-founder of consulting blockchain and hedge fund companies, and the co-founder of 0 Percent, a company that teaches individuals how to professionally manage a crypto portfolio, create passive income from blockchain technology, and invest in cryptocurrency and real estate all at the same time.


Since people will always need a place to live, Bossetti says that real estate is the most proven asset in the world. But getting started in the industry requires a high level of capital, knowledge, and experience. That’s why Bossetti merges his expertise in both real estate and crypto to help people take advantage of what he calls the “new economy.”


The new economy refers to taking real assets and making them digital through tokenization. In this way, NFT’s give you an edge to liquidate your assets in a matter of seconds, rather than in years. 


“The number one reason why we created 0 Percent is because I believe that credit is the foundation of people’s finances. If you want to get a house, a car, or student loans, you’re going to need credit,” Bossetti says. “The United States is one of the most powerful economies in the world because of that. People are able to go to the bank and essentially get free money or low interest capital,” he continues.


At 0 Percent, Bossetti supports entrepreneurs to access capital, helps them grow their income, teaches them to be more financially literate and gives them additional vehicles to invest in. His wealth of knowledge is valuable, and he shares more details on his tools for success in his upcoming book titled, “All For Nothing.” In it he discloses what money, success, and leaving a legacy all mean to him. 

“It’s about doing what we can every day, every week, and every moment of our life to keep our fire lit,” he says. “I believe that outer circumstances like our environment, limited beliefs, and all these nuances in life, throw a little bit of water on our fire, but it’s our responsibility to take on that internal dialogue to keep that fire lit,” he says. Bossetti has learned that pain is purpose and wounds are wisdom, and both should be your fuel to keep going.


“All For Nothing” is set to hit bookshelves near you in fall 2022. Be sure to follow Tyler Bossetti on Instagram to stay up to date on its release, take advantage of his expertise on the new economy, and let his story be your inspiration.


“I believe that I have been put on this earth to help people get out of their own way by eliminating financial restrictions, and the only way to do that is by making sure they understand that although certain things have happened in their life, they can still move forward,” he says. “I believe that we all are designed to do big things,” he concludes.

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