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How Oasis Adaptogens, Founded by Jeremy Hoffmann, is Revolutionizing An Addicted and Stressed Society with Effective and Natural Solutions

If you have ever found yourself questioning if stress, overstimulation, or fatigue is in part due to socially accepted and promoted habits, you are not far from the truth. Jeremy Hoffmann, an internationally renowned spiritual coach and founder of Oasis Adaptogens, has formulated 100% natural products to replace addictive substances to improve your overall well-being and get you back on track to attaining your best self.

Jeremy Hoffman
Jeremy Hoffman.

Over the past few years, individuals have chosen to quit invisible addictions, the Trojan horse being caffeine, as more people realize that constant stress, fatigue, brain fog, and other symptoms are not normal experiences. Regimented and dated ideologies have fuelled socially accepted addictive practices, but as more light is shed on this universal situation, the reduced caffeine movement is taking form. Coffee is a widely popular beverage and is consumed daily by 90% of all adults worldwide, as stated by UpToDate. Caffeine creates withdrawal in the body overnight after consuming it throughout the day, leading to a need and craving for it first thing in the morning. Coffee creates issues such as affecting individuals’ stress response and sleep cycle and we become reliant on it to solve these side effects, without even realizing it, as discussed by Michael Pollan


Jeremy Hoffmann, an energetically sensitive and spiritual individual, has come up with natural solutions to ease the caffeine situation. He has developed Oasis Adaptogens, a wellness company dedicated to providing impactful and natural alternatives that lessen the effects of stress, build immunity, and restore energy. In the world of supplements, there is an abundance of inauthenticity and ingredients packed with fillers, and this is where Oasis Adaptogens differ from the rest with their unique formulations. 


They use the highest-quality, 100% naturally sourced ingredients to provide the best products to make an impactful change in our disconnected society. Hoffmann also operates Aligned Earth, a custom solutions incubator designed to support world-changing projects. It has grown to a 26-person team in under nine months and will soon be released to the world. On top of managing his businesses, Hoffmann offers a Self Mastery Program to those who connect with his story to remind them of their greatest potential by expanding their perspective, practical spirituality, breathwork/meditation, and more. 


It was a long journey for Hoffmann to get to where he is today, and only five years ago he fully commenced his own spiritual expedition. 


Hoffmann grew up in a strict Christian Household and was withheld from attending school by his parents to protect him from the public system. “Common” youth experiences were restricted to him, and at the young age of 12, Hoffmann began helping run his Father’s greenhouse business, fast-forwarding his childhood into early adulthood.


Choice has always been important to Hoffmann, and Christianity was something he struggled to believe in and accept without questioning, which led him to rebel against religion as a whole. “Coming to this moment in time I have an understanding of faith, while it’s very different from religious faith,” Hoffmann explains, “I didn’t understand as a child, and that led me to feel like I was a lion or an alligator in a cage.” Once he discovered he could escape and break free, in a sense, from these belief structures and orthodox traditions, he found himself on the opposite side of the spectrum. 


“I ended up swinging the complete other way and got swung into the world of selling drugs and for a period of time was also addicted to various drugs,” Hoffmann goes on to share. His experience with addiction is something many individuals go through and is common when feelings and emotions are suppressed. Addiction has become normalized in society as many individuals are not taught how to process emotions and instead use substances to numb certain experiences. Feelings of disconnect with yourself or others around you can create internal loneliness which is when addiction presents itself as it is fuelled by feelings of isolation. Hoffmann’s experience with addiction led him to live a life fueled by ego, control, and greed because he believed it defined success and would lead him to happiness and the feeling of being enough. The emptiness and loneliness he felt didn’t go away, even after achieving traditional things society deems as “success.” He was left sick, broken, and unhappier than he had ever felt before. But Hoffmann knew he went through these experiences for a reason and they led him to help others by creating solutions for and inspiring others. 


After years of fighting off addiction to drugs and stimulants, Hoffmann discovered natural ways to increase energy without any of the negative side effects. Out of this journey, Oasis Adaptogens, and most importantly, Not Coffee, was born.


Not Coffee is a unique formulation that was created by Hoffmann within 24 hours during a state of meditation and connective energy and was awarded “Best in Show” at Planted Expo, Canada’s largest plant-based expo. 


A big factor of stress and what a large percentage of the world’s population relies on is coffee. People use it to not only start their day, but to fuel their energy, mindset, and drive to be and feel successful. This form of addiction is normalized, and the side effects people experience from it, including jitters, poor sleep habits, and long-term fatigue, have also become the standard.


“I developed sleep apnea, chronic fatigue, and stress… I was consuming up to 1000 milligrams of caffeine every single day… I continued to get more and more sick,” he points out. 

Hoffmann made the conscious choice to get better without the use of Western medicine and addictive substances and instead traveled the world to learn what other cultures do, and this is the foundation of the development of Oasis Adaptogens. Hoffmann was inspired by the practices and wisdom of Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine and saw an opportunity to reinvent how the western world approaches these modalities for the restoration of the mind, body, and soul and incorporates the use of functional mushrooms and adaptogens to completely transform your health.



“Getting to the root problem of what you’re experiencing takes time. There’s no magic pill,” Hoffmann highlights. And this is where the notion of choice comes into play. A substantial amount of individuals forget to realize that they can change their mindset and perspective and have the capabilities to get to the root cause of what they are experiencing, but it takes time and self-discipline. 


As a society, we want quick answers and results, but these typically provide temporary resolutions. “I’m just creating solutions for problems that I see in the world,” Hoffmann declares, and his solutions are changing thousands of people’s lives and he is just getting started.


If you are willing to put in the work and make the choice to heal your mind, body, and soul, Hoffmann simply acts as a lighthouse of possibility. 

Take back your energy and rejuvenate your senses with functional mushrooms, adaptogens, and minerals by visiting Oasis Adaptogens to get started today!

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