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Hamza Ali Is Disrupting Real Estate Scene by Automating Development and Leasing Process

Real estate investment has always been a lucrative way for investors to grow their money. However, this profitable investment space has its challenges too. Finding the right property that will add value and drive future returns is crucial to making any investment decision in the real estate industry. This is where Hamza Ali has emerged as a mentor to aspiring investors and entrepreneurs guiding them through his fully-automated investment, development, and leasing method.

Hamza Ali started his journey in the real estate industry in 2007 after migrating from Dubai due to the economic downturn. With the little savings he had, he ventured into phased-out development projects. He gradually moved into commercial and multifamily real estate, combining his own and syndicated projects with investors. Today, Hamza is a well-known name in the real estate scene in the US. He owns more than 500 apartments in multifamily real estate, multiple ground-up office warehouse developments, syndicated deals, and much more.

From the beginning of his journey, Hamza was determined not to live paycheck by paycheck. This is why he kept seeking ways to reinvest his returns and build an impressive real estate portfolio. So far, Hamza has invested in and developed a staggering nine-figure in real estate. His company is already on track to become a billion-dollar business in the real estate industry. Currently, his core area of interest is in developing and investing in commercial real estate, especially commercial flex space. 

From struggling to get a bank loan as an immigrant in a new country to spinning 16 x turnovers, Hamza has become unstoppable as a real estate mogul. He blends innovation with proven strategies to automate the process of development, leasing and refinancing. Besides disrupting the real estate industry with his innovation, Hamza is also leveraging the power of social media to build his online brand. So far, he has raised millions in funds from his social media accounts and also turned into a popular influencer, mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs and investors to venture into real estate. 

Hamza moved to social media to utilize his time productively during the pandemic-related lockdown. This move further scaled up his company while also increasing his internet presence. Hamza uses his personal YouTube channel to educate people on various investment methods including stocks, real estate, etc., to make a steady source of passive income. Within a few months, his YouTube account gained over 5K subscribers, and the numbers keep climbing. 

Hamza is equally popular on TikTok for his informative and fun content. He has amazed over 30K followers on the platform within a short while, inspiring people to follow in his footsteps to find financial freedom. As his social media presence started growing, Hamza monetized his TikTok account to attract investors to his real estate projects, showcasing his successful track record as proof. 

To date, Hamza has raised an impressive 7 figures from his TikTok profile. He also underwrites deals on social media and motivates people to invest. His investment approach is fearless because Hamza is aware of the ins and outs of the industry. This is why his videos offer transparent and unapologetically honest reviews and information on various investment streams. 

Hamza’s real-life story is an inspiration to many willing to venture into real estate as an investor or entrepreneurs. Even after reaching the tip of the spear in real estate, Hamza has a relentless passion to scale his business further while also helping others find financial stability.

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