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David Shands Shares His Story to Inspire Small Businesses to Succeed

SMMEs (small, medium, and micro enterprises) in the United States are growing at an incredible rate. Some pundits believe that this might be one of the ideal times to start your own business. Arguably, if you are thinking about establishing one, the economy could be open to assisting you to succeed. Nevertheless, you’ll almost certainly confront a lot of barriers. But while you proceed, you need to be informed of the potential stumbling blocks. David Shands is a business leader helping small businesses and entrepreneurs unravel the competition in the industry.

David has tremendous experience in the business community and understands some of the challenges facing most small businesses. He has since dedicated himself to offering ways to overcome these challenges so you can find your way to success.

David’s knowledge of entrepreneurship is highly sought after due to his gift of converting daily life situations into engaging stories, encouraging everyone who listens. His personal story of persistence and perseverance demonstrates that anyone can pursue their aspirations and succeed, especially if they have access to information and support from a supportive community.

David was introduced to the entrepreneurial world at a young age as he watched his father experiment with various businesses. He learned an important lesson from his father that he still remembers: “Failure is not a death sentence. It’s always feasible to try something else if one thing doesn’t work out,” says David.  

When he was young, David spent his time off trying his hand at various businesses, such as landscaping, wholesaling, network marketing, and hand painting t-shirts, while working full-time in the hospitality industry as a server at restaurants like Applebee’s, Olive Garden, and The Cheesecake Factory.

David’s sweet spot, though, was selling printed t-shirts. While still working at The Cheesecake Factory in 2010, he started his line, SleepIs4Suckers. He used his job to develop his public speaking and customer service skills and spent nights designing t-shirts and having people over to give him feedback. He later resigned from his job and launched a t-shirt kiosk at the mall in 2012. After a decade, he’s now a celebrated two-time author, podcaster, motivational speaker, and business coach.

David uses a range of social media platforms, including Instagram and YouTube, to reach millions of individuals who are hungry for his business knowledge. His podcast, “The Social Proof,” is in the top 40 business and top 5 entrepreneurship podcasts. The Morning Meetup, his coaching, mentorship, and accountability club for entrepreneurs, sees David welcoming almost 500 people via video conference every weekday morning from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m., where they spend time discussing topics including business, marketing, leadership, and mental toughness. His philosophy in life is to constantly learn and switch between being a student and a coach.

Moving forward, David holds that his true passion is community building. He describes himself as a model of the average person who has goals to follow their dreams on their terms, regardless of the playing field they are starting on. He is trying to redefine the usual representation of a successful entrepreneur. He emphasizes that entrepreneurship does not have to entail becoming a multimillionaire; instead, it can entail pursuing an idea and earning a side income that helps you reach your full potential and live a purpose-driven and satisfying life.

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