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Top Entrepreneurs To Watch in 2022

To stand out in 2022, not only do entrepreneurs have to be dynamic with their creations, but they must embody their creations. The following 10 entrepreneurs are an eclectic mix of world class performers, holistic medicinal healers, and elite mindset coaches who have channelled the power of their own thoughts to create the optimal life for themselves and their clients. In doing so, the revenue generated is exponentially larger than others in their fields whose vision requires a more mindful approach in order to produce results like the 10 giants on this list.

1. Self-Made Entrepreneur Rihanna Has $1.4 Billion Under Her Umbrella


A difficult upbringing in Barbados gave her grit. A continuing music career abundant with hits brought her a voice. A lifetime of entrepreneurship – that’s netted the world-renowned Rihanna a cool $1.4 billion and counting.


It certainly helps that Rihanna has hit No.1 on the Hot 100 a whopping 14 times, but most of this skyrocketing net worth is the result of her business acumen and command of today’s culture. Fenty Skin, Fenty Beauty, and Savage X Fenty are the fashion retail brands with significant stakes under her umbrella – with murmurs of public offerings to come that will add to RiRi’s wealth.


A self-made billionaire, Rihanna puts this money to work with the vision of someone who hasn’t forgotten where they came from. Regularly noted for her philanthropy, Rihanna has brought a profound local impact worldwide through her charity, the Clara Lionel Foundation.


Rihanna. This list. It’s a no-brainer.


2. Ryan Breslow, The B2B King Of Ecommerce


Fast, reliable, and easy checkouts are the name of the game when it comes to ecommerce. Nobody’s tech meets these requirements quite like the one-click checkout solution created by Ryan Breslow, the Founder of Bolt


Breslow’s checkout experience platform – along with other endeavors – has earned the 27 year old a net worth over $2 billion. Bolt has not only helped businesses expedite the critical space between “add to cart” and “purchase,” but also brought security and convenience for customers seeking an easy online shopping experience. 


Through Bolt, Breslow has revolutionized the way we look at company culture. Next to the novel checkout experience solution, it’s Bolt’s exemplary work environment that has launched this young entrepreneur to success – his company guidelines are available open source via Conscious Culture


A true B2B king, Breslow has set out to aid other businesses achieve their missions and goals – and has found his own flourish.


Source: Bolt


3. Abundance Is On The Way Thanks To Tom McCarthy’s Teachings And Tips 


Tom McCarthy is an esteemed high stakes performance coach, and his wealth of knowledge has paved the way for thousands of individuals to unleash their inner power. As a strong believer that everyone is in the right place at the right time, McCarthy’s teachings have inspired his clients, namely Fortune 500 CEOs and Olympic athletes, to overcome their blockages and tap into their highest potential. 


A gifted storyteller, he is author of the renowned self discovery book The Breakthrough Code. In it, McCarthy eloquently blends fiction and nonfiction to reveal the top 3 secrets to living a life without limits. He does so through the lens of Jonathan Bowman, a relatable 24-year-old Stanford Graduate who is the protagonist of the book. 


As the founder of the Global Energy Healing Summit, McCarthy annually invites industry experts, leaders, and healers to come together and learn to skillfully attract the life of their dreams. His life’s work has established him as America’s #1 high stakes performance coach, and there’s a reason why. 


4. Growwithjo; Providing A Holistic Alternative To Wellness 


Gyms may be open again following the pandemic, but many are choosing to stick with at-home workouts – much thanks to Johanna Sophia’s innovative approach to fitness. Sophia, known online as growwithjo, is the fitness leader that will help you step into your power – all from your phone!


Growwithjo guides workouts, gives nutrition advice, and speaks to wellness, all across the social media landscape. Sophia’s Instagram and Facebook pages have become a notable community hub for people on all levels of the fitness journey. Her YouTube channel has recently grown past 2 million subscribers.


Now, Johanna Sophia’s fitness and wellness wisdom comes directly suited for you. Her revolutionary growwithjo app allows you to discover the fitness and nutrition regiment that meets your body’s needs and goals. Having a holistic approach to wellness, Sophia’s app even includes meditations and devotions for the spiritual – making growwithjo a fantastic brand for mindful people seeking fitness fulfillment.  


5. Patrick Tsang: Investing In Positive Change On A Global Scale


It takes a great deal of understanding to lead change on a global scale – Patrick Tsang’s grasp on the greater context has propelled him to entrepreneurial success on the international stage.


The chairman of Tsangs Group, Patrick Tsang views investment as a means to enact and enable positive impact – operating as a market leader in all things innovative: from robots, to clean tech, to entertainment. 


Tsang’s worldwide perspective and philosophy on the cyclical nature of global events shape his success. His investments serve as a bridge between east and west. Ventures include FuboTV, Original Financial Group, and TG Venture Acquisition Corp, amongst others.


Investing in positive change and innovation also means sharing wisdom with a new generation of entrepreneurs: Tsang offers insight through his LinkedIn, Instagram, and the influential Anything Is Possible podcast. Anyone looking for a finger on the worldwide pulse of change should keep an eye on Patrick Tsang this year.


6. BoneCoach™ Founder Kevin Ellis Is Helping Women Build Stronger Bones & Lead Healthy, Active Lives 


Integrative Nutrition Health Coach & Osteoporosis “Thriver,” Kevin Ellis, is the founder of BoneCoach™. With one in two postmenopausal women set to have osteoporosis during their lifetime, his company seeks to help women with the disease move from a life of fear and worry to a life of empowerment and confidence.


At the age of 31, Ellis found himself spiralling out of control when he was diagnosed with osteoporosis. With a young daughter and son on the way, he knew he had to change his fate.


Out of his struggle and journey to find answers, his company BoneCoach™ was born. Since then, Ellis has transformed his own health and now helps Bone Coach clients and community members get the conditions right in their bodies for stronger bones. 


Under Kevin Ellis’ guidance, his team at BoneCoach™ have helped people with osteopenia and osteoporosis in over 1500 cities worldwide take back their futures. 


For more information, visit https://bonecoach.com/


7. Meet Global Investigative Physician Dr Tom Moorcroft, Who Is Solving Medical Mysteries For Patients Seeking The Truth 


Dr Tom Moorcroft is a global leader in the medical industry gaining a unique insight into the human body’s mysteries. 


Thanks to extreme lifestyle modifications, he was able to heal from acute Lyme Disease in 1997, never letting the pain get the best of him. 


The Osteopathic physician founded Origins Of Health, a holistic medical centre whose mission it is to provide individuals suffering from tick-borne illnesses with high quality, courteous, integrative medical care. 


With expert knowledge and years of experience in the field, Moorcroft is leading by example with his empowering methods. His unique body-mind-spirit approach that relies on the body’s natural healing powers sets Origins Of Health apart from others. 


“We focus on health and teach you how to ignite the self-healing powers within, so you can experience the true joy of living a healthy life,” gleams Moorcroft.


For more information, visit https://www.originsofhealth.com/



8. Alleh Lindquist, Pioneering Cannabinoid Biotech, A Disruptive New Sleep Aid Is Just The Beginning 


Alleh Lindquist is the chief executive officer at FloraWorks, an innovative biotech company integrating cannabinoid processing technologies with drug development for the pharmaceutical cannabinoid sector. Mr. Lindquist has over 10 years of experience in the cannabinoid space, leading R&D efforts and corporate strategy. 


“The cannabinoid research that FloraWorks is pioneering is new and exciting, while being rooted in strong foundational research that represents incredible opportunities to provide therapeutic cannabinoid solutions for human health and wellness”


Currently, FloraWorks is focused on CBN, and is undergoing a 1200-person placebo blinded study for treating sleep disorders. 


“CBN has the potential of becoming a market disrupting sleep aid, giving people an effective alternative to melatonin and other OTC medications that have acute side effects.” 



9. Michelle Salinas – Where Business Breakthroughs Meet Empowerment For A Marginalised Community 


Are blindspots keeping your business from its full profit potential? This is where Michelle Salinas of The Digital Edge Inc. has much to offer. The business strategist and coach has uncovered over $10 million of additional revenue for business owners that was simply laying dormant.


That’s not the only business breakthrough being driven by the entrepreneur. Salinas is on a mission to use her business to empower and serve working and single mothers – who are parenting children, with special needs. A single mother of two, one with special needs, Salinas has seen how discriminating the business world is for those with a similar experience. 


It’s been a silent war that these women have been fighting for their children – Salinas has built a community where all can be seen and heard. If you’re interested in sponsoring this empowering work, or are a special needs mother looking for support in business, Michelle Salinas can be connected with here.


10. Tony Flattum, Managing Director of Built Strong Exteriors, Is Setting A Gold Standard In The Construction Industry 


Built Strong Exteriors LLC is a family-owned and operated company with hearts firmly rooted in strong family values. Leading with loyalties, the Managing Director of Built Strong Exteriors LLC, Tony Flattum, is taking his Minnesota-based exterior construction company to the top. 


The expert in the nuts & bolts of construction, Tony Flattum, began his industry journey in 2002. After falling in love with the process of fixing and installing new roofing, gutters, windows and siding, he launched his first restoration company in 2006. 


After managing operations for several years, Flattum joined Built Strong Exteriors LLC in 2015, determined to mend a fragmented industry and create better opportunities for his team and people. 


To support that mission and continued growth, Tony Flattum strives to be the go-to source for exterior construction – that includes residential, commercial and multi-family – in the communities they serve. 

To learn more, please visit www.builtstrongexteriors.com.

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