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Manifestation Expert Regan Hillyer Reveals Her 6 Step Method To Activate Your Inner Millionaire

Internationally renowned Mindset Coach Regan Hillyer built her multiple 8-figure empire on the foundation of her highly effective manifestation techniques and is inspiring the world by sharing how she brought her deepest desires to reality.

Give someone three wishes, granting anything in the world, and more than likely, one of those is to become a millionaire. Hearts long for the accouterments of millions in the bank – traveling the world, living an abundant lifestyle, and never again worrying about having enough. Aside from a chance meeting with a genie, this may seem like a fairy tale, and if you ask self-made multi-millionaire and manifestation expert, Regan Hillyer, she’ll agree. It’s a fairy tale that can be your life, and she’s on a mission to show the world how. 


Hillyer is the founder of Regan Hillyer International, a global, multiple 8-figure company making a massive impact. Hillyer’s online training, live events, mentoring programs, and products are all geared toward helping people live abundant lives on their own terms. Through her powerful mindset-changing tools and cutting-edge business strategies, she has helped thousands of entrepreneurs build 6 and 7-figure businesses that are aligned with their core purpose and support a lifestyle of freedom, flexibility, and expansiveness.


The passion for helping others achieve financial and personal abundance is deeply personal to Hillyer, as that is where her journey began. At 18 years old, answering a ground-shaking call from her soul that she had a greater purpose in this world, Hillyer decided she would take whatever measures necessary, veering off what loved ones had advised was the “right” path for her, to pursue this true calling.


On the road less traveled, there are no guidebooks or lesson plans – Hillyer forged her own path to self-discovery, accruing hundreds of thousands of dollars in personal debt to invest in seminars, programs, mentors, books, and even more in experimenting with property investment, startups, sales, and marketing. However, it wasn’t until she followed through on a valuable piece of advice from her first mentor to begin investing in her mindset that she began to see significant shifts in her life. 


Immersed in NLP, Hypnosis, Matrix Energetics, and many other modalities – Hillyer transformed personally, professionally, and even physically. She started a coaching business, teaching others how to shift their inner world to revolutionize their external reality. Serving others through what she’s learned along her path is how Hillyer connected to her purpose and, in doing so, opened up floodgates of abundance. Taking direction from her instincts, Hillyer has grown her business’ reach and impact to global levels – living her purpose, changing lives, and seeing multi-millions in revenue.  


As the creator of the world’s #1 manifestation method, Hillyer offers an insight that is often overlooked. “When you focus on love, joy, peace, and purpose, material wealth will naturally follow,” Hillyer shares. Within her client circle, Hillyer has helped 50+ individuals make the dream of generating millions a reality. Simply put, her mindset-based processes for manifesting abundance are remarkably effective and accessible – every human being has the ability to use her methods to disrupt their old way of thinking and adopt a millionaire mindset. Here, Hillyer shares the 6 step method to activate your inner millionaire:



It all starts with a vision – the more specific you are, the faster it will manifest. Clarifying exactly what it is you want to achieve is like a beacon to the universe to ignite the creation process. 


“Most people never become a millionaire because they never actually make the conscious choice that they want to be a millionaire.” Hillyer shares. “Along with choosing the desire, defining what being a millionaire would look like for you, how it would feel, and why you want to be one are necessary first steps.” 


Journaling, meditating, and artistic expression are excellent tools to dive deep into the heart of your vision and supercharge your intention. Use these prompts to bring greater clarity to your goal of becoming a millionaire:


What are your specific financial goals?⁠


What would manifesting this money give to you?⁠


How would you choose to allocate this money?⁠


What will making millions of dollars empower you to achieve?



Picture in your mind a drinking glass filled with water – there is a limit to how much the glass can hold before it spills over. Human beings work in much the same way, as containers for energy. Keeping in mind that everything in the world is energy, including money, it is imperative to expand your container and energetic capacity to receive the incoming millions.


Hillyer offers the key to preparing your vessel, sharing, “You must make sure that every layer of your being is in a place of expansion, with explicit reasons for the money to flow, and accounts for the money to be allocated to.” 



Limiting constructs like fear, self-doubt, self-sabotage, and scarcity mindset are among the roadblocks that can stand in between you and manifesting financial abundance – but interestingly, the goal is not to eliminate them. Hillyer explains that the objective is instead “learning to dance with your fears, moving forward despite them, and standing on the stage, even if your knees are shaking.” 


What we resist persists. Make friends with your fears and limiting beliefs surrounding money, and take them along, moving forward in spite of them. 



The time to embody your multi-million dollar version of you is now. Ask yourself, how would the “millionaire version of me” walk, talk, think, and act? By simply adopting this new way of being, you are aligning your energy with that of the future you, and in doing so, will magnetize the abundance you seek. 


Hillyer explains that it’s the everyday decisions that will truly put you in a millionaire mindset. Her favorite personal story portraying this is during her university days, grocery shopping on a meager budget. Just as she was on the brink of denying herself the expensive blueberries she was craving, and reaching for the cheaper, more logical, but less appealing choice – strawberries – she realized that this decision said everything about her abundance mindset. 


In every moment throughout your day, ask yourself, “What would abundance do in this scenario?” Take Hillyer’s word for it: “choose the blueberries.”



As energetic beings, we must be an energetic match for what we are looking to call in. This means you’ll first need to cultivate the feeling of what you want for it to come into your reality. For instance, you’ll need to become a millionaire first from the inside before the money shows up on the outside! 


Hillyer teaches her clients a potent method called “Energetic Conditioning” to strengthen their ability to stay in an abundance mindset and high-frequency vibration, much like conditioning muscles in the gym. First step – set an alarm with a relaxing ringtone to go off multiple times a day for the foreseeable future. Then, when the alarm goes off, stop where you are, close your eyes, and for two minutes completely immerse yourself in every minute detail of what it would feel like to be a millionaire. “Eventually, something interesting will happen where the alarm will go off, and you’ll realize that you’re already in that feeling because it has become your natural state.” 



Yes, manifesting is primarily a business of the mind, your emotions, and your energy – but some action, aligned action, is still necessary to bring miracle millions into your life. To eliminate time spent on busy work and identify the most important next steps to achieving your dreams, Regan shares, “Ask yourself these questions: Does this actually bring me closer to my vision? What steps can I take to speed this process up right now? What do I get to do today in order to allow this money to manifest faster for me?” Power moves like these will preserve your energy, keep you focused, and allow you to accomplish much more in a short amount of time.


These six highly effective methods are a solid foundation for anyone seeking to attract millions. For those looking to continue strengthening their ability to manifest abundance in every area of their lives, Hillyer offers coaching, mentorship, and training programs for every experience level and price point. 


To unlock your greatness in life and business, connect with Regan Hillyer on ReganHillyer.com and Instagram

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