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Meet Maggie Jenson, the Mental Wellness Champion Helping Others

Maggie Jenson is the founder and operator of Magnify Progressive Wellness, a health concept devoted to being a one-stop shop for wellness with an emphasis on mental health. She is a renowned harm reduction specialist helping people achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle without having to sacrifice themselves for personal growth. 

Passionate about mental health, Maggie established Magnify Progressive Wellness to help individuals struggling with addictive behavior start to “think different in order to drink different, or never again.” She aims to achieve this by helping them build a health consciousness and a sense of purpose. This is covered in her progressive programming workouts, education on nutrition science, and expanding awareness of mindset principles like the Laws of Achievement and the Science of Success.

“Magnify is my revolutionary digital rehabilitation program for people struggling with sobriety or high-risk drinking. I designed this program because I have struggled with sobriety and have found success in overcoming my own drinking problems,” Maggie asserts.

Maggie’s impact on society is evident in the many lives she is transforming. She has produced positive results for over 100% of her one-on-one clients. This accounts for the 37 cases she has attended since her launch in 2020. Maggie is also helping clients from diverse industries, some of whom come to her for the fitness and nutrition program. These are individuals seeking to reduce their drinking habits. 

Maggie credits the power of social media for her massive industry penetration. She may not be tech-savvy but has undoubtedly leveraged social media to introduce her brand to thousands across the country. Consistency has also been a crucial factor in her success in helping her establish a working relationship with her clients. 

Though being a lone ranger provides her with the much-needed flexibility, Maggie hints that she sometimes feels like she is losing enthusiasm. This has by far been her most significant challenge, and she, at one point, started to question her journey. But despite how low she gets, Maggie has mastered the art of keeping it going against all odds. She is a self-driven woman on a mission, and despite the many naysayers, she has remained focused and motivated enough to keep the dream alive. 

“A lot of people don’t approve of my message, but I know in my heart that I was put on this earth to prove this to our society and help the millions, if not billions, of people struggling with alcohol and their families who are caught in the web of pain and trauma,” Maggies asserts. 

With a dream to positively change and impact society, Maggie envisions herself inspiring millions worldwide by sharing her story. She wants to continue preaching hope by making people understand that everyone has an equal opportunity to live the life they desire. Part of her dream is also to become an internationally recognized personality, gracing some of the biggest shows, such as being on Oprah or even being in Time magazine. “I want to make an impact by telling my story, reaching everyone, particularly those who have lost all hope and feel as if they are too damaged to live with purpose,” explains Maggie.

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