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How Levi Lascsak Uses YouTube to Compete in the Real Estate World

The internet has enabled some very amazing things to take place: connecting people, globalization, and even interconnected industries. Word gets around the world in a matter of seconds, and we can express ourselves way more openly than before. Websites like YouTube have changed how we look at videos. With a library of almost anything, people have used YouTube for some amazing things, from learning new skills to entertainment to building a business. 

The internet has enabled the marriage of industries we never thought could go under one roof, industries such as real estate and video making! Yes, real estate agents Levi Lascsak and partner Travis Plumb have combined their skills in the real estate industry and pushed it out to the consumers through YouTube, and yes, it has proven an incredible combination. 

Levi and his partner started out not too long ago, in December 2020. From the beginning, they wanted to try something different with their approach, so they went ahead with YouTube. It’s well known that the real estate industry can be a very turbulent place. It’s also known that about 87% of real estate agents tend to fail within the first 2 years. However, that was not the case with Levi. 

Thanks to their YouTube videos, they ended up making a staggering $2 million in the first year alone. However, the most breathtaking part is still yet to come. During this time, they did not use any paid ads to promote their work. That is almost impossible to do, and they have done remarkably in pushing their content to such a wide audience without the help of ads. 

Levi came from a financial services background, while Travis is from a marketing background. Neither of them had insight into the real estate industry, yet they managed to make it work. Through their hard work, they are ranked in the top 500 producers in the Dallas, Fort Worth area. They have also been on several podcasts to discuss their journey and all the interesting details. Some of these podcasts include “Think Media Podcast,” “Elite Agents,” “Social Media Mindset,” “Buyer Experience,” “Labcoat Agents,” and more. 

Levi mentions that so far, it’s been a rather smooth ride for them; however, not everyone likes that. People in the industry have shown a dislike for their steady and rapid success, but Levi also mentions that these kinds of things don’t bother them.

When it comes to giving advice, Levi says that you should take a course or two and get someone on board who knows a thing or two about marketing to make the journey easier. He also says we need to understand the people we’re working with and their mindsets. All these things help us understand those around us and do a better job. 

Looking to the future, Levi has some goals. Levi and Travis want to hit a billion dollars worth of sales in the first 5 years. While that may seem incredibly difficult, their track record shows that both Levi and Travis have it in them to pull something like this off, and maybe even more. 


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