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How Travel Expert Kfir Amos Transformed His Passion into a Profitable Business

Kfir Amos is a travel enthusiast and has visited numerous countries since he started traveling full-time in 2003. However, his story is more than just a travel tale. He is also the founder and owner of four businesses that he single-handedly grew from scratch. His life and experiences are a bible for every explorer and entrepreneur and can give anyone life goals.

How His Travel Expedition Began

Kfir started his career in the military, and later he embarked upon a journey to explore the world. Kfir set out to explore Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Burma, and the Phillippines. These grand adventures weren’t without challenges, something that allowed Kfir to learn from and become an even more experienced traveler. Kfir has also trekked across Europe and North America, visiting outstanding destinations like New York City and Yosemite National Park along the way.

While this may just sound like a list of Kfir’s travel itinerary, it’s much more than that. With each new destination, Kfir learned more about the world and has been able to bring that knowledge to his travel blog, Traveling With Style. This lifestyle and travel blog gives readers a glimpse into the amazing destinations Kfir has explored and prepares travelers with everything they need to know. It’s a wealth of information that can benefit any travel lover.

How He Transformed His Passion into His Career

After his long travel expedition, Kfir started a new chapter in life by venturing into business. He resumed his career with a regular job, but that work didn’t satisfy him. With a little push from a friend, he quit his job in 2015 and started working as a private travel planner. This allowed him to combine his love for traveling with a career. However, that job wasn’t enough to pay his bills, so he turned to Amazon and worked through the e-commerce giant as a seller. 

He revealed, “That’s what piqued my interest in e-commerce, and I founded my own e-commerce store Fresh Fashion Design.” The company succeeded right from the start, and within four years, it grew to a 20-member team. However, he decided to sell his first website and venture onto a new project. That’s when he founded Bay Tech Media. This company looks after brands’ social media needs in terms of engagement, growth, and content creation. His impeccable service and knowledge of scaling a business help him create a healthy buzz around your brand and increase your reach.

He also owns a travel, art, and architecture magazine called ATA magazine that showcases buildings and infrastructure dripping with architectural brilliance to the world. 

He also uses his extensive travel knowledge to provide premium personal assistance and lifestyle management services through his company Lux Group

Kfir has quite a few feathers of achievement to his cap. Starting in the military to being a full-time traveler and then running four successful businesses, he now helps others realize their dreams. Whether it’s scaling a business or planning the perfect getaway, Kfir Amos is someone who can steer each of your life goals to perfection. 

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