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How Jenna Kutcher – Creator Of The #1 Marketing Podcast, The Goal Digger, Created Work-Life Balance And A Dream Life

Kutcher is an “Educator, Digital Marketer, Podcaster, Author, Hype-woman, Achiever, Mama, and BFF who brings the good snacks.” Her podcast, The Goal Digger, has over 500 episodes and over 65 million downloads, and her debut book, “How Are You, Really?” launches in June 2022!  

Ever questioned the existence of someone who is entrepreneurial, successful, creative, authentic and relevant? Spoiler alert: we’ve found her. Jenna Kutcher identifies as an “Educator, Digital Marketer, Podcaster, Author, Hype-woman, Achiever, Mama and BFF who brings the good snacks.” These descriptors are a good start, but there’s more to this down-to-earth Midwesterner than meets the eye. She is edgy, fun, talented, family-oriented, and has a social media presence that is sky-rocketing upwards toward a million followers. In short, whether you are seeking an expert in entrepreneurship, women’s lifestyle, online marketing, or the intersection of work and wellness, Jenna’s your girl.

From Career Burnout to Red Hot Blaze: Jenna’s Story

As a wedding photographer, Kutcher reigned #1 in the state of Wisconsin for multiple years. She was earning a six-figure income and attracting tons of attention within the industry, garnering accolades and press that kept a steady stream of hopeful clients coming her way. But, with work taking center stage, she began noticing the early stages of burnout. Not content to let her personal life suffer from nonstop productivity, she decided to pivot and reduce her workload by half for the next year, even if it meant only earning half the income.

Turning down bookings created space in Kutcher’s calendar and life for other resources to bloom – like time, creativity, recreation, relationships, and self-care. With new inspiration ablaze, Kutcher invested portions of her newfound assets into developing a broader-based social media presence. “In 2018, I did an experiment,” she says. “I challenged myself to show my face on my Instagram for 30 days straight.” It was a sweet surprise when the results were in, revealing her growth doubled and engagement tripled in one month. “It made me understand that people care about the creator, not just the creation,” she points out. “I started to feel confident about showing who I am and what I’m about, and in talking about things other than just work.” 

Creating a Digital Legacy

Kutcher has an affection for Instagram, admitting she views it as a legacy. She enjoys scrolling and taking in all the memories. But, she prioritizes living a life that is far better offline than online. She aims for balance – publicly, digitally, she shares little glimpses of her life and connects with people. Then, she signs off and dives into the best part, living and enjoying a large, beautiful life.

Now earning a seven-figure income, Kutcher’s impressive digital footprint boasts a blog, a podcast, and a suite of courses that includes her best how-tos and advice on creating a healthy web presence. FYI – Her Goal Digger Podcast is the number one marketing podcast with over 500 episodes and over 65 million downloads.

Her Key to Success

Kutcher believes anything is possible when “the work meets the woo.” She is no stranger to paying her dues and putting in the hard work, yet she believes just as strongly in the power of visualization, presence, and mindful habits. Daily, her inspiring content helps others launch new businesses, develop side hustles, and integrate wellness into their work with the same mobility and balance she prizes so highly.

Her debut book, How Are You, Really?, launches in June 2022 and is already abuzz with glowing reviews from today’s top tastemakers, leaders, influencers, and thought-leaders. Jamie Kern Lima, New York Times bestselling author of Believe IT and founder of IT Cosmetics, says “[Jenna’s book] is your personal guide to cut straight through the noise, distraction and busyness around you, and start living your life with intention, courage and purpose! It’s your permission slip to reflect, refocus and reshape your destiny.”

Join the thousands discovering Jenna Kutcher every month, and be on the lookout for news about her book launch soon.

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