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David Boutte: How Cash Money Coin Has Taken Center Stage In A New Digital Asset Hip-Hop Revolution

While the Covid-19 pandemic crushed concert-goer’s calendars, the digital music downloads industry prospered. Partners David Boutte and Alex Carney committed to revolutionizing the music space in a Digital, futuristic world. Transforming the way record companies do business with their Digital Currency, Cash Money Coin (CMC) launches March 17th, and is the Official Digital Token for Cash Money Records. 

From technology aficionados to the occasional Twitter scrollers, everyone has heard the words Cryptocurrency, Blockchain and NFT floating about in one form or another. And for good reason too, ever since the Bitcoin network was birthed by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009, digital assets have become known as a form of digital gold in the midst of a new finance counterculture.

Now, we are seeing global companies, celebrities and athletes launching their own cryptocurrencies that allow their biggest fans and supporters to have ownership in their favorite brands.

This provides a playground to give your favorite artist the financial support they deserve and in some form; part ownership, equity, access to community and a digital asset, with a blockchain stamp of ownership to back it up. 

Let’s learn more about company co-founders and how they’ve set out to unite the hip hop community with the ever-growing crypto collective. They have set the digital stage for artists and fans alike to keep the music industry thriving.

Meet Co-Founders David Boutte and Alex Carney 

A father of two with a business degree from Sonoma State University, California, Boutte enjoyed a varied career as a fireman and personal trainer amongst other various side businesses. 

Carney, the crypto side of the business, made his first Bitcoin purchase at $5 in 2011; “I was buying a lot of gold and silver and just familiarizing myself with those assets; watching a lot of YouTube videos on the melt-up everyone was predicting for 2010. I came across Bitcoin on an off-chance YouTube video.” 

Carney describes his early years of investing as “An education in centralization,” and goes on to describe his continual success in technical analysis and leverage trading that propelled him to take the reins and co-create his own coin. “We started looking into doing NFTs on a project for a Delta eight THC company. We did a few of those and now, here we are!” Upon forming a close bond immediately in project negotiations with Hip hop’s JoJo Capone, the three collaborated together to execute their vision for the new NFT project. 

So What Exactly Is Cash Money Coin?

Cash Money Coin is about digital monetization of the record industry. In addition it’s about maximizing the hip-hop labels opportunity in the digital asset arena. Under collaboration with Tech of the West and CEO Brian “Birdman” Williams, the cash money coin project is ready to make a statement to music, crypto, and its fans that hip hop has officially entered the crypto space and the metaverse.  

The coin will give it’s holders an equity stake in the future success of Cash Money Records and their growth in the digital world. In the future, Cash Money Coin could be held as an investment, to gain access to events, concerts, NFT projects and a way to support your favorite artists.

“If there’s a huge opportunity out there and you want to punch holes in it, the easiest way to do it is to find out more about it,” Carney explains. He puts a huge emphasis on the importance of education in the co-creation of the new coin to teach people everything they need to know about crypto. He also agrees there is a learning process with buying and using the new digital currency. “People are going to be skeptical of anything that they’re not familiar with. I’d always advise people to familiarize and educate themselves. Once they find out more about it, they’re going to realize it’s a sound investment.” Boutte adds that “Most people weren’t amongst the first to get into Crypto, but now they don’t want to be the last.”

How Do Cryptocurrency & NFT Projects Multiply Revenue?

“You see, all these NFT projects that are having success right now that are affiliated with celebrities and they’re raising millions of dollars. That’s great and it’s for sure a big part of our future with this project, but it’s only one part of it” Boutte explains, outlining how adding an NFT project through the ecosystem of a coin maximizes the return. “Cash Money Records concerts in the metaverse represent a unique opportunity to leverage Cash Money Coin as a currency for services in the virtual world.” CMC is on the Binance Smart Chain being the underlying token for the entire Cash Money Records ecosystem, including a catalog of Cash Money Records artists and non-fungible tokens.

Carney simplifies the concept by comparing an NFT to a modern-day piece of fine art; “If you’re going to buy a Picasso why wouldn’t you buy an NFT Picasso? And if you’re going to buy an album by Cash Money, why wouldn’t you buy an NFT by Cash Money?”

What does the future of CMC look like? 

The pair have already solidified plans to revamp the new digital concert arena with irreplaceable and transferable rare digital assets, such as 3D wearables endorsed by famous designer brands and artist memorabilia. Boutte adds that; “We’re not going to lag around. We’re going to have NFT projects launched for one, two, perhaps even three artists by the end of 2022. We plan to move quickly.”

The coin’s creation aims to give longtime Cash Money Records fans a chance to connect on a deeper level with their favourite artists, gaining access to artists that people without the coin cannot, and be part of a uniquely ahead-of-the-times community by investing. The pair hope to digitally monetize the record industry whilst maximizing opportunity in the digital asset arena.

“Cash Money Records is really like our big entrance into the space,” says David, sharing his excitement about the upcoming launch. “This will build a bridge between some of the world’s most popular hip-hop artists and their fans.” 

Cash Money Coin is now available for presale at a lower price with its value predicted to double following the launch. 

Presale can be found at: Cash Money Coin Presale.

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