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How Keaton Luther Is Outperforming Competitors

Becoming a profitable trader takes a lot. From understanding stock trading to planning your trade, there are many boxes to tick that will help minimize your losses. The complex and volatile nature of the market makes it even more challenging for you to win. However, that has not stopped people like Keaton Luther from becoming successful traders. He has cracked the code, outperforming top hedge funds year after year.

According to Keaton, one of the secrets to successful trading is always staying ahead of the game. “The stock market is ever-changing, and prices fluctuate,” says Keaton. He notes that staying up to date with the market trends will help you make more informed decisions.

When he got into trading, Keaton had a challenge producing consistent profits. He notes that while he was making some wins, he wouldn’t make much as sometimes the losses were higher than the profits. This inspired Keaton to set out on a journey looking for ways he could improve his trades. After years of research, he developed a safe and conservative strategy that is now allowing him to produce profits in any market condition. He uses various derivatives and inversely correlated securities, enabling him to succeed whether the stock market is going up, down, or sideways.

Keaton founded Luther Capital to help traders achieve high-performance returns through publicly-traded marketable securities. He shares his unique trading strategy, allowing other traders to practice safe trading and still win.

With a track record of making 260% in cumulative returns over the last five years, Keaton is outperforming some of the top hedge funds. He holds himself to a high standard, and he says his goal is to continually beat top-performing hedge funds such as Goldman Sachs, Tiger Global, Morgan Stanley, and Bridgewater. Currently, Keaton has surpassed all their returns by double or triple the amount.

Having worked in different industries, the experience he has gained over the years gives him the upper hand. Keaton holds a business management degree and four certifications in stocks, options, forex, and futures/commodities trading from the Trading Academy. 

He has worked in several fields, starting successful ventures in each. In 2009, Keaton founded a towing company, Luther Towing, scaling it into a high-performing culture recognized as the top 1% in the nation, which he later sold in 2020. Keaton is also the founder and CEO of the white label digital marketing agency Great Marketing.

“Attaining success is never easy, and you’re going to hit thousands of speed bumps along the way,” says Keaton. Even so, you shouldn’t give up. He adds that he had to lose hundreds of thousands to get where he is, but what makes Keaton different is that he chose to learn from his mistakes and used them to perfect his craft.

As trading grows in popularity and more people join the market, Keaton Luther is helping traders become profitable through his unique strategy. Together with his team, they are in the process of producing an automated trading system that will help improve efficiency and accuracy.

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