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How Renowned Author Mike Alden Defied All Odds To Reach The Top

Growing up as a kid in the projects, Mike Alden’s main goal was to change his story. He wanted to be a successful entrepreneur and use his life journey to inspire others, showing them it’s possible to achieve their dreams. Years later, Alden is an internationally recognized author and the founder and CEO of the leading premier direct response marketing firm, Blue Vase Marketing.

Alden is a three-time recognized Wall Street Journal and USA Today best-selling author. He has also been featured in Boston Business Journal’s 40 under 40. According to Alden, while the journey getting to where he is hasn’t been easy and he has encountered different obstacles, learning from his mistakes is something that has helped him thrive.

With a deep passion for entrepreneurship, Alden joined the space early on, working in various sectors. He says he has had merchant accounts frozen, bank accounts frozen, and millions embezzled from him. Even so, Alden has not given up. He notes that one key thing he has learned is that if you are willing to stay in the game of life and business, even when it feels like the whole world is trying to kick you out, then you will prevail.

Through his podcast, The Alden Report, Alden is helping other entrepreneurs win by sharing tips and lessons he has learned. He uses his story to encourage others while offering a rare glimpse into what it takes to be powerful and healthy in business and life.

“Attaining success in any field is a journey, and there are many roadblocks,” says Alden. He adds that while the first 95% of your efforts are important, what really matters is the last 5%. Giving up midway returns you to where you started. However, choosing to push on even amidst challenges gives you a higher chance of reaching your goals.

Alden has written the books Ask More Get More, 5% More, and Blueprint to Business, explaining in detail how you can better your life and explore your full potential. The books offer pragmatic and simple self-help guides to teach the audience how to get more out of life.

Together with his team at Blue Vase Marketing, he is also helping business owners scale their ventures. Their effective strategies allow them to attract the right eyeballs, increasing lead generation and amount of sales.

Alden encourages others not to give up, citing that the only time failure is fatal is when you choose to give up. Although he has lost vast sums of money, Alden still chooses to push on, and it is through this resilient spirit that he has reached his goals. He is a three-time Inc Magazine-recognized author and entrepreneur.

As he continues to thrive, Mike Alden says he aspires to grow his podcast to become one of the leaders in the entrepreneurial space, expanding his reach to a broader audience. By doing so, he will be creating a win-win situation for all, using his incredible story to inspire and empower others.

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