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How TV Personality and House Flipping Expert Pace Morby Rebuilt His Life

Sometimes we encounter various obstacles that prevent us from reaching our goals. In some of these cases, you find yourself back to the ground, and it’s up to you to rebuild your life. While it can be frustrating and quite difficult, Pace Morby proves that you can rebuild your life and attain success.

In less than 36 months after losing everything, Pace Morby built his life back up, and he is now a celebrated real estate expert. He is also a creative finance specialist, YouTuber, and TV personality, hosting one of the most-watched TV shows on A&E.

According to Morby, your success is highly determined by your determination and mindset. He notes that his desire to attain his goals is what motivated him to get back up and find a way even when nothing seemed to be working. 

Morby’s journey in entrepreneurship started when he got a job in a company painting floors. Getting to work there for some years the experience opened his eyes to how quickly the work was done and how they were able to complete the job, inspiring him to launch his own company. This was a perfect venture for Pace Morby as he had established a solid network with the supplier, not to mention the skills he had gained over the years.

Morby launched his own company that specialized in epoxying garage floors, and as time went on, he expanded to the construction industry. Unfortunately, as his business was starting to pick, Morby lost everything. He had $1M of his own money tied up into a project contingent on one man paying him back. However, it didn’t quite go as he had hoped, and the man filed for bankruptcy, ruining Morby’s ability to operate in construction.

Even so, he didn’t give up. Morby started rebuilding his life from scratch, and through hard work and resilience, he has attained financial success. Looking back, Morby says it was the best thing that ever happened to him as he was able to find real estate

As a house-flipping expert, he is now educating others on buying homes and building a real estate portfolio without cash, credit, or credentials. He’s helping his clients get their dream homes with a portfolio of over 300+. Morby also has a six-year contract with A&E hosting Triple Digit Flip, and 40K+ subscribers on YouTube, where he posts informative content about real estate and house flipping.

His advice to others in the industry is to not give up on their goals. He says that failure shouldn’t stop you from moving forward. Despite facing multiple obstacles and losing everything, Morby did not let that stop him. He re strategized his plans, and through hard work, Morby has attained financial success. He also notes the importance of believing in yourself and remaining focused on your goals.

As he continues to prosper, Morby aspires to grow his career and help more people earn passive income. He says his current goal is to write five books in five years, grow his YouTube channel, and expand his influence. He is using his story to inspire others, showing people that it’s possible to rebuild your life.

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