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How Cody Caplinger, Co-Owner of Klick Solar, Is Helping His Company Become The Leader In The Solar Industry

With entrepreneurship in his DNA, and a sales mindset ingrained in him from an early age, Cody Caplinger is the entrepreneur to watch in 2022

When entrepreneurship is central to a person’s identity, they wake up and fall asleep thinking about it. They have big ideas and even bigger dreams. It is nearly impossible to divert them from plans to start new businesses. Cody Caplinger capitalized on timing and opportunity when he co-founded Klick Solar, a company launched in 2019 that grew seven times in size during the pandemic with a lot more growth in sight.

Before Klick Solar, Caplinger ran a chain of mattress stores in managerial and executive-level positions. He made a move to solar when he could see online sales overtaking in-store sales. “I looked for a future-proof industry, and after research, I landed on solar because I believe every home will have solar at some point,” says Caplinger. “I wanted a business that is scalable, and solar was a perfect choice.”

Klick Solar currently has three office locations in Colorado and one in Southern Oregon. A peek at their website reveals they are serving several states. They are a fully vertical sales company in Colorado, handling sales and installation with their top-notch installation team from start to finish. With growing customer interest in solar, Klick Solar is continuously expanding into new territory. 

Caplinger’s company is thriving, and true to his entrepreneurial spirit, he is abuzz with zeal and inspiration. Having already begun to invest in real estate, he plans to expand his portfolio and invest in several more businesses as opportunities arise. “It’s important to me to have a life of financial freedom,” says Caplinger. “Now that my solar company is well-established and on a steady growth path with systems and staff in place, I want to concentrate on things that reignite me. I get excited about building something new.”

Caplinger is good at reading people and empowering them to level up beyond what they believe about themselves. He thinks all people have limitations that can be overcome with the right coaching and encouragement, precisely what he offers his team.

With limited time and so many commitments, Caplinger claims his biggest success hack is “repurchasing his time.”  He takes inventory of his weekly tasks and figures out which things are most significant in impacting his goals. He delegates or hires someone to do the jobs with the least impact, helping him balance work and family life. He hires companies to clean his home and office and landscapers to take care of his lawns. “This allows me to be ultra-focused on the things that matter,” says Caplinger.

One of the strengths that has served him well is the art of listening. He can build rapport with employees and customers by asking the right questions and creating an atmosphere of trust. “People will tell you exactly what they want and what drives them,” says Caplinger. “If I listen well, customers tell me how to make the sale. It helps with relationships and in fostering loyalty.” He reveals good communication, including good listening skills, makes him more nimble in his ability to make positive changes for the company. 

Business-minded parents raised Caplinger- mom was involved in a hair salon business, and dad was the owner of a muffler shop. In his younger days, Caplinger opened a lemonade stand and washed cars a little later. At age 14, he launched a lawn mowing business and learned to knock on doors, which yielded up to $300 a day. 

Caplinger never felt like a superstar in school and did not enjoy the academic scene. He tried college but found that his greatest classroom was in hands-on experiences. He learned best through doing, and his strong suit has always been selling. He sees himself as being built for business. Instead of channeling his competitiveness into school and sports as a youngster, it all went into developing himself professionally. In the business arena, he overflows with confidence and feels entirely at home.

Caplinger is a proponent of simplicity because, in his view, companies often overcomplicate things. Klick Solar is on a mission to keep things simple for sales staff, which equates to keeping things simple for customers. They present the facts about solar and its services in a no-nonsense, straightforward way, with the values and stability that will continue to grow their solar business. 

Great things are ahead for Cody Caplinger in Klick Solar, real estate, future businesses, and in life. He is family-oriented and does good work with good people. Caplinger is a name to watch for, as we will indeed be hearing more about his future success. To find out more about Klick Solar, visit https://klicksolar.com/

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