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Laying Out Strategies the Rich Use to Stay Rich With Kevin A. Rodas from KR27 Financial

Kevin A. Rodas is passionate about financial literacy, and with his company KR27 Financial Group, he is teaching small businesses how to save like the uber-wealthy.

Kevin A. Rodas has been working in finance for over a decade, and his company KR27 Financial Group has been helping business owners scale successfully for years. With Kevin’s assistance, many of his clients now make upwards of six figures a year. 

Over time, Kevin began to notice that small businesses were paying exponentially more in taxes than their large corporation counterparts, despite only having a fraction of the income.

Kevin realized how large corporations were doing everything legally—they simply had CPAs and strategists working tirelessly to save them money on taxes. 

Kevin has always had tremendous respect for small businesses and truly believes they are the backbone of the American economy. It seemed unfair that the lack of resources that come with being a smaller business was hindering their ability to save.

Kevin wanted to provide those same opportunities and resources to small businesses at a cost they could afford. 

The Robin Hood of Financial Strategy 

Because small businesses often have less capital and are focused on increasing their revenue, they miss valuable opportunities to save money on taxes. A single-minded focus on the present can lead to missed opportunities for long-term success. 

Small business owners tend to also be less willing to spend money on a financial strategist, even though it would end up allowing them to save more capital in the long run.

Kevin and his team at KR27 are helping shift the mindset among small business owners: spend now, to save in the future.

Kevin helps his small business owner clients save money on taxes through a myriad of techniques, teaching them how to use credit as collateral and get property equity.

Business owners can write off business properties on their taxes and save money through insurance, as well as by setting up their employees with investment accounts and non-401(k) retirement accounts. 

The Information is Out There

People tend to be wary of strategies that might involve even the slightest amount of risk, but getting legitimate information from a knowledgeable source can completely change the way business owners interact with their taxes. 

Through rigorous research, Kevin and his team have developed a robust body of knowledge in order to guide people through what can often feel like a maze of financial jargon. 

Kevin has learned that no matter who you are, there is always a way to save money on taxes. There are even opportunities that exist especially for small business owners that many people are unaware of. He advises people to do their research and find the information that is out there—it can save them a lot of money. 

Kevin and his team understand how stressful filing your taxes can be. Oftentimes, frustration and the overwhelming thought of taking the time to understand how they can save money are what cloud people’s perception of taxes. 

Thankfully, KR27 found a way to help small businesses take action and save big on their taxes through knowledgeable expertise.

To learn more about how KR27 Financial Group helps small businesses save money, you can reach out to Kevin on Facebook, send an email to his assistant, or study more of his content on Youtube or by visiting their company website here

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