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Donzel Dubel; Owner Of Storm Solutions, Shares His Journey To Becoming An Enlightened Entrepreneur

When Donzel Dubel Dropped Out of Law School, He Set Off On A Path To Find A Career That Aligned With His Vision Of A Work-Life Balance That Would Allow Him To Grow And Constantly Learn. As The Owner And Operator of Storm Solutions – The Number One Automotive Hail Repair Company In The U.S., He Found It.

Donzel Dubel is a one-of-a-kind – a maverick. Not only in his work ethic, but also his balanced work-life mentality. Dubel, owner and operator of Storm Solutions, the largest retail automotive hail repair company in the U.S., has cracked how to lead a life based off of hard work, patience, and a desire for learning – all-the-while, looking to give back by touching the lives of his employees and students. The DreamWeaving Foundation – a program he created in 2019, is a testament of this. The foundation serves to teach people educational fundamentals through a faith-cultivating curriculum.

But it wasn’t always that way. Shying away from social media growing up, Dubel was raised in a lower-middle class Christian family without actually fully adhering to their conservative values. Refraining from posting too much about his life for fear of reprisals within his family structure, Dubel, instead chose to let his actions speak for themselves. 

A self-evident extrovert, Dubel’s bright attire, and carefree personality would have you thinking that he’s either a California fitness instructor or celebrity. But judging from the look in his eyes you can see there’s another side of him that’s destined for entrepreneurial success. He has only touched on the massive potential he has to one day be a guest speaker at events like the D2D Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah, which he attended a few days before our chat. No doubt he will someday get that chance to do so. What he does currently though; is so unique that it requires pin-point precision and mastery – and, because of Dubel’s expertise, he is looking to grow it to be the preeminent in its industry. “The long-term vision of Storm Solutions is to corner the market of automotive hail damage restoration,” he says, while poised in a reclining chair in sunny Salt Lake City. “Storm Solutions mission is to redefine the way people interact with a traditional body shop. The automotive hail repair industry only started in the early 1990s but has already grown into a US$15-20 billion a year market.” 

With major automotive companies having already catered their business plan towards working directly with body shops, this provides an opportunity for the paintless dent repair companies – such as the one Dubel owns, simply because he can do what the body shops can’t. “The technique is just too specific that they don’t know how to do it,” he points out. “They have to hire in companies like Storm Solutions to repair hail damage, it’s a paintless process that body shops just don’t have the capabilities to complete in a systemized way. Most Paintless Dent Repair companies contact the body shops that have an agreement with insurance companies and subcontract with them to repair customers’ vehicles. This creates an unnecessary cost of doing business because essentially these body shops are taking large amounts of the repair cost for just being middlemen. It is Storm Solutions’ mission to transform the way this repair process is facilitated with the insurance companies, systemizing the repair and as a result lowering the cost all around.” 

As the premier automotive hail damage repair company in the U.S., Dubel’s skillset extends beyond the physical labour that he’s perfected over the last decade. He is planning to systemize Storm Solutions in a way that no-one has done before – using technology and direct-to-consumer strategies to get him there… basically going straight to the customer and providing a market advantage to elevate the customer experience. “We have a great team of dedicated individuals heart-set on improving the automotive hail repair process,” he explains. Dubel is looking to triple the company’s clients they took on in 2021 this year, and is utilizing his avant-garde approach to leverage revenue without dealing with the cost and time of the body shops. “It made sense to venture out on our own,” he says. “It just makes sense to work directly with Paintless Dent Repair companies like Storm Solutions. Body shops just don’t have what it takes to effectively do the job and we are going to show the market that someone can do it better, providing value to not only our customers but to every insurance company that works with us as well.” 

Dubel credits his artistic background for helping him grasp the complexities of paintless dent repair. “I’ve had an artistic mindset my whole life; learned how to play instruments, paint, you name it, I’ve tried it,” he says. “But this trade is the hardest thing I’ve done. Not just because it’s so physically demanding, but also the technicality.” PDR specialists push the dent with their bare hands to mold the deformed metal and massage the dents out. The process includes using metal rods that vary in length (from three inches to 10 feet long). “It took me three years to perfect,” he laughs. “And that was working on it every single day for hours at a time. It was crazy.” 

So how did Dubel get started in the industry? “Well, I was on the technician side, and always wanted to start my own company,” he says. “Before that though, I had the opportunity to become a Lawyer.” Having gained his Degree in Political Science and Economics, and passing the LSAT, Dubel decided the “energy and culture” of the law program wasn’t for him. After taking a couple of months off to “do some soul searching,” he decided that he longed for a career where he could travel and make good money. Through a series of fortunate events, Dubel landed an opportunity where he could work March through November, and take up to six months off. Behind the desire to simultaneously work and play, he was never afraid to literally and figuratively get his hands dirty. “You have to take parts apart and literally stick metal pieces inside the panels and mold the dents back to pre-storm condition,” he shares. “I slept on the floor in my mentor’s office for three months and shadowed his every move to fully grasp the trade.” 

Dubel’s pursuit into his charity work is filled with that same tenacity. The DreamWeaving Foundation, founded by Dubel, is still in its infancy stages, and – while he is still perfecting the program’s curriculum, he is excited for the journey ahead. “I’m committed to giving back,” he says. “I’m a firm believer in touching individual lives.” 

Dubel states that time and intuition are the two important things in his life right with building relationships and greater connections. “There’s no better feeling than talking with somebody and feeling that you’ve changed somebody’s trajectory and created that momentum that pushes people forward.”

Believing in the essence of attention and motivation, Dubel emphasizes the necessity of believing in one’s self, faith, especially when dreams and aspirations fall flat. Through his foundation, he implements the foundations of learning to truly believe in one’s self to instill those same faith-based actions within other people’s lives. “Our classes give people permission to believe they can be uplifted to reach their highest goals,” he says. “We teach them to have a narrative that they can take within them, and use that to drive forward in every aspect of their life.” 

Speaking about the route he took to get to the entrepreneurial chapter of his life, Dubel opens up about struggles in his early life. “It’s been a long journey,” he says. To go from being a sibling of five, growing-up with a loving family that struggled and relied on food stamps, working hard to make ends meet, all-the-while knowing that deep down he was destined for more. Always knowing he had a certain level of confidence that was going to get him through, a certain level of faith. “I always spoke of a brighter future, it took a while but I can confidently say now that my actions truly do speak louder than my words.” 

Donzel Dubel is the owner and operator of Storm Solutions, the number one retail automotive hail repair company in the U.S. To find out more about their incredible service, check out https://mystormsolutions.com/

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