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Brody Fausett’s Company, Real Estate Investing School – Your Ticket To Living the Dream While Earning Passive Income

Highly successful in a door-to-door sales business, he invested surplus dollars in real estate, and became so successful that he now teaches investment strategies and techniques to clients who want his know-how!

Successful and living the dream, Brody Fausett, owner and founder of Real Estate Investing School, leads a charmed life. At age 29, he’s happily married to his wife Andrea, has two adorable daughters, and is financially set for life. How did he do it? He is all about sharing his investment skill set with clients who are ready to learn and grow through the personalized, one-on-one coaching program he offers in Real Estate Investing School.  

“I’ve always been an entrepreneur at heart,” Fausett says. ”I have always loved doing the hard things and influencing others. I enjoy speaking, doing podcasts, and whatever I can to motivate others to live a more fulfilled life.”

A major experience that helped prepare Fausett for success in sales was a two-year volunteer mission assignment in Japan. He had to learn the language and share messages about his faith in God to a population that did not share his beliefs. In this sink-or-swim environment, he learned a lot about dealing with rejection. This was excellent preparation for his move into a door-to-door sales business selling alarm systems. “Alarm systems are a lot easier to sell than what I was pitching in Japan,” says a smiling Fausett.

Reflecting on his years in door-to-door sales, he says, “A sales environment like that can fire people up. It has good and bad sides to it. It was a grind. Many people come and go in sales positions, which gave me even more motivation to grind it out. Ultimately, every year I became more successful at it, which put me ahead in life. I was able to sacrifice a few years, doing what most people will not do, knock on doors, repeatedly facing rejection. But, because I endured, I had the opportunity to invest in real estate and learn everything I’ve learned about the power of passive income.”

Fausett has had some excellent mentors, some official, but even more who influenced him through books he read and podcasts he listened to. “It’s hard to reach certain mentors, but the cool thing about podcasts and books is you can hang out with the most successful people on the planet and learn directly from them. They become some of your top people you spend time with, which begins to change how you think, act, and can positively affect the results in your life.”

Having arrived at a place in life where he does not have to worry about making money, Fausett claims he has had time to contemplate what is most important and fulfilling. “Making money is not the fulfilling part,” he says. “What I do find fulfilling is creating a lifestyle of freedom, which allows me to do what I want to do where I want to do it.” Fausett went through an exercise that required him to list the things that fulfill him. He discovered that pleasure is momentary; joy lasts longer; and fulfillment lasts the longest of all. “I decided I want to shape my life around things that are fulfilling. If I do these things daily, I can’t imagine life being any better.” Good self-care is one of Fausett’s priorities. He says, “I have to take care of myself and live my best life in order to take care of other people and help them do the same. I find it very fulfilling to impact others and help them become fulfilled.”

What sets Brody Fausett and Real Estate Investing School apart from other programs? “I’m young, which is what a lot of people need to see, my inspiration and motivation,” he points out. “I am not all talk. I actually do and have done what I teach others to do. It is meaningful and gives me credibility that I am successful time after time. Success once, twice, or three times might be attributed to luck. I consistently get results, and I have the skill set to help students define goals and develop strategies for achieving them. I can steer them toward what will work and away from opportunities that won’t get them where they want to go.”

Fausett claims he is intentional in every business decision he makes, asking, “Does this support my lifestyle and the way I want to live?” If something seems like a cool business idea but offers no sense of certainty that it will support his lifestyle, Fausett passes on it. “Lifestyle comes first,” he says. He has a solid set of values, and protecting his marriage is high on his priority list. “I’ve seen the power of financial freedom. Financial issues are one of the biggest reasons for divorce. The majority of people work nine to five, five days a week. Many of them don’t want to do the things they have to do to earn a living. That’s the opposite of freedom. If I can save someone ten years of their life so that they can retire early and spend more time with the people they love doing the things they enjoy, that is the ultimate form of fulfillment.”

Fausett is a daily list-maker and goal-setter. “Every single morning I do an exercise I call ‘Top 10,’” he says. I write the top 10 goals I want to accomplish within the next 12 months. The more clear you get on something that you want, the greater chance you’ll have of accomplishing it. I’m big on writing my goals down every single day. It’s the first step I take in putting a dream, which is just in my head, into words on paper. That’s the start of it becoming real. From there I can enter the next phase, which is building and implementing it, and ultimately it becomes an accomplishment.” 

What does Fausett bring to the table? A proven track record for success, honesty, integrity, authenticity, transparency, motivation, inspiration, personalized attention in a one-on-one coaching approach, and a love for helping others connect with their version of a fulfilled, prosperous life. 

To connect with Brody Fausett and learn more about investing, visit the Real Estate Investing School website.

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