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Ricky Mendez, Founder of MPower Prosperity – How Gratitude and a Prosperity Mindset Will Ensure 2022 is a Ground-Breaking Year 

Good news or bad news – which do you want first? Bad news: If you let 2021 come and go, and never scheduled a free business analysis with Ricky Mendez, founder of MPower Prosperity, too bad, so sad. Good news: It is 2022, and Ricky is as committed as ever to helping business leaders increase revenue and profitability and achieve a higher quality of life!

Mendez calls himself an “implementational speaker,” and by that he means he challenges audience members and clients to engage in some game-changing exercises from the get-go. He knows human nature. We get excited over new ideas, take notes, leave an event feeling motivated and inspired, but very few of us make lasting changes. He shakes things up a bit, focusing on conditioning the brain first and foremost.  

First stop in brain conditioning: Ricky is a solid proponent of establishing a practice of gratitude. He says, “It’s impossible for our brain to be grateful and fearful at the same time. We have choices in every situation and circumstance. Gratitude is always a choice.” If you’re familiar with Ricky, you’ll have heard his admission that a crying baby on a cross-country flight could either be irritating, or a reminder of how blessed we are to have excellent hearing. “The smallest amount of thankfulness for the ability to hear a crying baby can expand into feeling gratitude that I am able to hear the voices of my friends and family, along with the nature that encompasses us,” he says. “Exercising gratitude can be just that simple. And this goes far, far beyond just positivity, It changes neurochemistry.”

Mendez is a passionate, knowledgeable international speaker, consultant, and sales trainer. He teaches the power of intuitive thinking, and how to create positive feelings and actions. He believes in this so completely that he has not missed a single day of his personal morning practice since 2016. He encourages clients to start simply, but his morning routine has evolved to include reading/reviewing:

  • His own gratitude poem
  • Napoleon Hill’s Self-Confidence Formula
  • A prosperity plan – money, health, fitness, relationships
  • Contribution goals
  • Affirmations and quotes

When people seek Ricky’s help, the work begins with gratitude. In his article, Gratitude Will Guide You, he says:  

“I’m not saying that we should be consciously reminding ourselves every second of the day to give thanks – we wouldn’t be able to get anything accomplished. I am suggesting to drive it into your subconscious, and let gratitude guide you every single day. Saying thank you is the all-natural antidote for fear, anger, and stress. Besides the wonderful chemicals that you release in your body when you’re in a state of gratitude, it opens up your awareness that there is something so spectacular out there, and it’s easy to connect with. If you connect for a day, you change your day. If you connect for a week you change your week. If you make this a habit, you change your life.”

Don’t assume gratitude is all there is to Mendez’ mindset and prosperity coaching. Developing a gratitude practice is the foundation upon which transformational changes can be implemented. His mission is to not only set clients up for business and financial success, but even more, he partners with them to foster prosperity in heart, mind, and body. Scaling your business to eight and nine-figures is irrelevant, Mendez will tell you, if you don’t have your health and understand your contribution.

One of the most endearing things about Ricky Mendez is that he views people of all ages as having the ability to be mentors, even children. So much so that he actually credits them for being some of his best mentors: “They are eternal optimists, and optimism is contagious. They are like a breath of fresh air!” Ricky shared the spotlight on social media with some of these inspirations; asking them questions, and standing in awe of their bright-eyed hopefulness and untarnished view of the world. 

Mendez practices what he preaches, modeling the principles he teaches with integrity and credibility. He is a mature, wise man, yet he exudes the same breath-of-fresh-air optimism he finds liberating in the next generation. His feel-good attitude is contagious and, in combination with tried and true coaching expertise, is positively transforming the culture and earning power of businesses in growing numbers. Good news: Ricky Mendez and his company, MPower Prosperity, are only a click away. Join the ranks of those who have been transformed by his implementational strategies! 

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