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Social Media Icon, Dmitry Lipinskiy, Shares How His Roofing Business Led Him and His Students To The American Dream 


Larger than life, Dmitry Lipinskiy is the quintessential personification of someone who is living the ‘American Dream.’ Born in Siberia, “the coldest part of Russia,” Lipinskiy arrived in the U.S. aged 22, aiming to be a Teacher, but with only a year of English skills under his belt. His story is one of perseverance, a never give up attitude, and a mindset shift that helped him see adversity was actually opportunity.

Fast forward to 2022; with 10 careers in 10 years, Lipinskiy finally gets to live out his dream as a teacher; just not exactly how he envisioned it. “I wanted to teach history in a school but now I teach business and I feel the same satisfaction,” he says from his office in Minneapolis, Minnesota. “My sisters are teachers in Russia, and I always laugh that I have more students in my school than they do, and that’s because the Internet gave me the opportunity to do so.” So, how exactly does Lipinskiy utilize his coaching skills? He explains it as helping others with their business in order to help them generate revenue. It’s a little more specific than that. Lipinskiy, through his own company Roofing Insights, helps roofers become successful business owners. With a social media presence that includes 50,000 subscribers on his YouTube page, and thousands of followers over Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, he has “flipped the switch” on the roofing industry – as he puts it, and monetized the demand for him to provide education to consumers. “I sold my company and it was a big leap of faith but I made the same amount of money as my roofing business,” he says. “I have over 250 students in my class, over 1000 people at my conferences, and 18 sponsors of my YouTube channel.” 

Feeding off his desire to take advantage of the big break ‘the land of opportunity’ has granted him, Lipinskiy disputes the notion that people can be held back from realizing their goals, asking; “How can you be lazy when you can afford good nutrition? How can you not be fit when you have two gyms close by? That’s what drives me because what’s my freakin’ excuse!” The man who spent a month living in his car in Chicago when he first arrived in the U.S., admits that he’s a workaholic – putting in 10-12 hours a day because “I can’t sit still.” He is driven to grow the platform; and, with his forward-thinking vision, and adventurous marketing style he has made a name for himself as a roofing don. Honesty, integrity, and a strong desire for justice saw him turn heads in the construction industry – and, while he faced the ire of corporations who sued him for his reviews of shingle installations, his recommendations of contractors on his platform have an iron-clad guarantee. “We give consumers a $20,000 guarantee,” he points out. “If you find my contractor on a platform, and he doesn’t work for you I’ll personally reimburse you up to $20,000.” 

In 2013, with Lipinskiy’s mother-in-law battling cancer, he sold his flooring business to be closer to her in Minnesota. With only $2,000 to his name, he took to his new-found industry like a fish to water, racking up $900,000 in his first year, $1.3m in his second, $2.5m in his third, and $4m in his fourth year. His insistence that he’d never work for another employer was the culmination of a decade bouncing from career to career, as well as him witnessing his boss lose his business due to a drug-induced meltdown. His disdain for ‘cowboy’ contractors influenced him to recommend his own because, “I’m tired of roofers giving bad estimates.” And – despite his reservations about his struggle to negotiate the English language, he says the U.S. is the best country in the world for immigrants. “Immigrants like myself can come here and you can truly be different and shine,” he says. “I recommend everyone highlight their differences … highlight your accent.”

His appearance at the 2015 Angie’s List Conference led to a lightbulb moment that helped with the self-perception of his own doubts and fears. “I was listening to one of the speakers declaring they could turn a person’s weakness into their strong suit. I immediately thought back to the ‘foreigner syndrome’ and how I’d been holding myself back with those misconceptions.” 

With those beliefs a thing of the past, Lipinskiy looks to the future, and the legacy he’s built for himself. “I want to be a billionaire,” he says. “I want to build a product that will leave behind a legacy.” 

Dmitry Lipinskiy knows how to run a successful business, and will show you how to do the same. For more information into his roofing genius, please visit https://dmitrylipinskiy.com/ 

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