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Who is Xigem Technologies? And How Will its iAgent Platform Revolutionize SaaS Markets?

Savvy small-to-medium enterprise owners and their CFOs and CIOs are aware that the success of their business depends increasingly on being able to understand and keep tabs on their customers and their assets – be they human or physical. To that end, they’ll integrate customer relationship management or CRM software and enterprise application software into their processes.

For many SMEs, the best approach is a cloud computing solution. This lets the business focus on its core capabilities, while letting third-party experts take care of all of the information technology concerns that go with maintaining servers, connectivity and data throughput, monitoring transactions and keeping track of mission critical work functions.

This vital work must go on 24/7/365, while the IT team also is tasked with monitoring the system for signs of criminal hackers and other threats. That’s why it makes sense for so many to work with a cloud setup.

Relying on a SasS or cloud computing platform makes things easier for companies that have multiple satellite offices or branches, a remote workforce and customers acquired digitally, since all business units can use the provider’s servers.

What’s more, cloud-based solutions allow for ongoing improvement and updating of software beyond the capability of businesses that install a static version of the application on their own servers. This helps CIOs know the system will continue to work well into the coming years.

And now, companies in need of a future-proof CRM and enterprise application solution that takes advantage of cloud computing efficiencies are turning their attention to iAgent. In particular, SMEs with an increasingly mobile workforce and a global customer base need groundbreaking software that meets their unique requirements.

About iAgent

Xigem Technologies Corporation recently acquired the global rights to a proven multi-patented CRM and enterprise application software which it is further developing to have application across a broad range of economic sectors. iAgent was designed to in part help organizations use geo-targeting to enhance their engagement with their staff and consumers who are as a result of the COVID-19 global pandemic, are increasingly on the go using mobile devices.

The pandemic has created a world where not only are consumers doing more of their product research and discovery online while out and about, salespeople, marketers and others are increasingly doing their work using mobile technology too.

It makes sense to use a computational infrastructure that allows mobile sales professionals, customer service agents and others to engage directly with customers no matter where either individual happens to be at the moment.

So iAgent, a cloud-based CRM and enterprise application software made with remote economy workers and consumers in mind, is set to revolutionize cloud computing by making it more effective for companies to connect with consumers and their human assets. That’s the situation, even when buyers and sellers are scattered all over the country, instead of being clumped together in one physical location.

Brian Kalish, co-founder and CEO of Xigem Technologies, explained that rolling out this version of iAgent for the mass SME market will help bring these businesses better outcomes in terms of sales and retaining customers.

That’s an important consideration, since most enterprises spend a lot of money and time acquiring their customers. Letting any of these customers slip through their hands after so much effort gaining them just chips away at the bottom line.

How iAgent Is Transforming the Industry

An overview of the key features of iAgent reveals how it can help SMEs understand just how this CRM and enterprise software as a service works in the era of the new remote economy.

Automate Processes

 iAgent provides callback automation in a mobile applications environment. Business owners and managers use these automation tools to keep tabs on where each of their representatives are (in real time).

Monitoring this level of engagement helps a SME understand where and when the highs and lows of sales campaigns or customer service engagements are occurring. With such information comes more power to deploy your human resources with greater effectiveness.

Comprehensive Security and Privacy Protection

Businesses are worried about attacks such as ransomware efforts that target employees with malware links, viruses masquerading as innocent attachments.

So, iAgent is designed with enterprise-class security (following industry best practices). It also safeguards all of the sensitive private information a company gathers on customers, as well as the company’s intellectual property.

Easily Customizable

No two businesses will use a customer relationship management tool the same way, as companies vary in their priorities and work processes. That’s why the revolutionary iAgent version built as an out-of-the box solution was made by Xigem’s developers to be eminently customizable.

From what kinds of information to gather to how the system displays this information to your team, it’s easy to configure just how you need it. For SMEs doing international business via cloud computing services, iAgent’s easy method to select a different language and currency is a game changer.

Integrates With Other Applications

Many small-to-medium enterprises IT department heads are wary, rightfully so, of bringing new software and technology into the mix. Problems with integration to legacy systems can become a real headache. But iAgent was made to easily integrate with leading third-party applications.

Working Life Changes for Many Because of Pandemic Safety Precautions

Outbreaks of disease challenge more than just public health authorities. Businesses also had to be nimble, reacting quickly to help their labor force work from remote whenever feasible.

We’re still seeing the effects of the global coronavirus pandemic and how it prompted countless enterprises to keep their workers at home, instead of working together under the same roof.

With more employees continuing with their WFH arrangements, the team at XIGM knew that their iAgent software would be helpful in reducing the possibility of disease transmission.

Cloud Computing Solution for a New Era of WFH Employees in a Remote Economy

It’s gratifying when a technology company can do its part to help support public health measures while also connecting SMEs, customers and workers no matter where they happen to be at any particular moment. Work-from-home is here to stay.

From allowing SMEs to connect with their loyal customers more easily, to facilitating remote workers in the new economy, iAgent is a cloud computing solution that will change how businesses, customers and employees engage.

For more information, please visit https://iagenttechnologies.com/ or https://www.xigemtechnologies.com/ 

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