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Unorthodox Methodologies: How Egg Strategy and CEO Christopher Wilshire are Breaking Rules and Revolutionizing Market Research

Redefining Consumer Insights: Egg Strategy's Human-Centric Approach to Market Research

Egg Strategy, a pioneering market research, and consulting firm, is breaking the mold in the way companies engage with their consumers. Under the innovative leadership of CEO and Co-founder Christopher Wilshire, the firm has been challenging traditional research methodologies, leading to richer, more meaningful insights for their clients.

In a typical focus group, clients observe consumers’ discussions from behind a two-way mirror or from a virtual backroom. This conventional method, while effective, can sometimes leave clients feeling detached from the consumers they aim to understand. Wilshire and his team at Egg Strategy took this challenge head-on, creating an environment where clients and consumers could interact more intimately.

“We believe in the power of human connection,” said Wilshire. “We’re always looking for fresh and creative ways to help our clients really feel the pulse of their consumers, and not just hear about it.”

In a recent collaboration with a leading financial services company, Egg Strategy flipped the script on the usual focus group methodology. Instead of secluding the C-Suite leaders of the company in a backroom, Egg Strategy invited them to sit at the table with their customers – a group of individuals transitioning into or currently living in retirement.

This unconventional approach led to profound insights. As the C-Suite leaders listened to their clients’ experiences, they began to grasp the vast emotional journey of retirement and the integral role their financial advisors played. This encounter unveiled an entirely different language between the company’s top executives and their customers, leading to a deeper understanding and appreciation of their customers’ needs.

“Rather than focusing on uncovering new or transformational insights, our goal was to equip these leaders with stories and perspectives that would stick with them and guide their decision-making processes in the future,” explained Wilshire. “The results were beyond what we could have hoped for.”

This innovative, rule-breaking methodology provided a direct, emotive connection that conventional research often lacks, inspiring the company’s top leaders to keep consumers at the heart of their business strategy moving forward.

The fresh perspective offered by Egg Strategy and Wilshire has been pivotal in creating lasting insights for their clients. By challenging traditional conventions, they’ve proven that stepping out of the box and pulling up a chair can yield more compelling and insightful results.

Wilshire concludes, “In a world full of data and PowerPoints, it’s easy to forget the power of face-to-face interaction. But when you pull up a chair and listen, it’s amazing what you can learn.”

About Egg Strategy: Egg Strategy is a global strategic consultancy, specializing in market positioning, brand strategy, innovation, and consumer insight. Founded in 2005 by Christopher Wilshire, the company’s mission is to drive growth for clients by providing deep, meaningful insights into their consumers and markets.

For more information, please visit www.eggstrategy.com.

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