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ACRE Partner & Aerial Canvas Founder, Brendan Hsu, Shares Unique Approach to Propel Businesses to Success

Empowering Success: Brendan Hsu Champions People and Processes in the Journey to 7-Figure Business Growth

In the rapidly evolving world of business, the mantra for success often focuses on cutting-edge technology and efficient systems. However, Brendan Hsu, founder of the successful 7-figure business Aerial Canvas and partner at ACRE Partners, argues there is another often overlooked but critical component: people.

Hsu emphasizes the significance of people and processes in the new era of business, where human capital is as important as technology and systems. His perspective draws on his extensive experience with Aerial Canvas, a leading real estate media company, which Hsu has led to outstanding heights through a blend of effective systems and a strong team.

“There are many outstanding tools and systems available for businesses today, from team/project management tools like Slack and Notion to industry-specific software like Tonomo.io,” Hsu points out. “Yet, these are only half of the equation. The true power comes from the people you bring on board and the culture you establish.”

Under Hsu’s leadership, Aerial Canvas has thrived through its focus on hiring and promoting the right individuals, fostering a strong company culture, and effectively delegating tasks. He underscores the importance of creating a robust brand and reputation as a business, with the founder’s vision, mission, values, and day-to-day decisions forming the bedrock of that brand.

“At Aerial Canvas, we believe in giving our team a clear sense of purpose and direction. Our mission and vision are the compasses that guide us, fostering a sense of unity and shared values among our employees,” Hsu states. “This commitment to our people has led to a business that thrives on passion, innovation, and commitment to the highest standards.”

Hsu’s people-first approach is evident in his unique frameworks for managing and leading his team. His strategies include setting ambitious yet attainable KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and OKRs (Objectives and Key Results), which help his team focus their efforts on tasks that contribute directly to the organization’s success.

In addition to setting clear objectives, Hsu advocates for effective delegation of tasks. He employs the PAT system, where tasks are defined by their Purpose, Action, and Timeframe. This system promotes accountability and ensures the timely completion of work while aligning with the overall project or organizational goals.

“Delegating tasks effectively is crucial for the functionality of your business,” Hsu emphasizes. “Through the PAT system, we ensure everyone understands the desired outcome of a task, the specific steps required to achieve it, and the realistic deadline for its completion.”

Hsu’s success with Aerial Canvas is a testament to his philosophy of empowering employees, fostering a strong company culture, and leveraging effective systems and processes. He stands ready to guide other real estate media companies toward becoming 7-figure agencies.

In a special podcast episode, Hsu offers further insight into how he implements the right mindset, strategies, and tactics to continue growing. For more details on how to build a real estate media company with better systems, processes, and people, reach out to Brendan Hsu and his team. They are committed to helping businesses unlock their full potential and achieve sky-high success.

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