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The Better Way To Food – Here Is Why Ethey, the 0% Food Waste Meal Delivery Company, Is Growing In Popularity

This ethical, sustainable, meal delivery service is different from its competitors in the most refreshing ways: Great taste, fully-cooked meals delivered fresh, never frozen, and environmentally-friendly from start to finish!

Hard-working, forward-thinking, on-the-move people learn to delegate. When responsibilities make it difficult to juggle work, relationships, home life, and self-care, something has to give! Service businesses have stepped up to provide for the needs of customers. Fast-food consumption was on the rise for many years, but it certainly has cons with regard to healthy nutrition, variety, and eco-friendliness. There is a new kid on the block, a company with a catchy name, ethey. The company is all about satisfying customers, providing convenience, and taking care of the behind-the-scenes parts of the business in a good-neighbor way.

All that is required of consumers is visiting ethey’s website, registering, browsing through their chef-cooked, fully-cooked meals, making selections, and placing an order. Ethey goal is to fulfill those orders with fresh food that was prepared 24 hours prior to delivery. Customers are mainly interested in taste, quality nutrition, and convenience. ethey have this covered, offering an amazing variety of chef-creations that are guaranteed to please, delivered right to the customers door. Environmentally-conscious ethey is making a name for itself as a zero-waste producer of delicious, nutritious, ready-to-eat food that is delivered on time to the location specified in the order. 

Ethey prides itself on its differences from companies like Hello Fresh and Good Food. Like a breath of fresh air, ethey offer unique, delicious recipes, ability to deliver fresh orders within 24-hours of preparation, and unmatched environmental ethics throughout the process.   

Ethey has a multitude of meals to choose from, too many to count! On the website, each meal is photographed, and includes a description, ingredient list, nutrition information, and price. An example: “Pesto Chicken Primavera with Orzo – Our slow roast chicken is marinated in a basil pesto blend, infused with zesty lemon and garlic. Served atop vegetable orzo pasta, loaded with turmeric spiced zucchini, tomatoes and bell peppers.”  Patrons who appreciate knowing ingredients and nutrition facts will be thrilled with ethey generous list of facts about each recipe! All ingredients are listed, and nutrition facts include serving size, calories, total fats with breakdowns, cholesterol, sodium, total carbs, dietary fiber, total sugars, added sugar, protein, vitamins and minerals.  ethey caters to a broad range of dietary preferences, including vegan, vegetarian, keto, and gluten-free diets.

Customers who are tentative about trying ethey will be interested in these fun facts:

  • Choose your meals: 40+ menu of all-natural dishes.
  • We cook and deliver: Cooked by chefs and sent fresh.
  • You Heat ‘Em Up:  Ready to eat in 3 minutes.
  • Eat and Repeat: Skip a week or cancel at any time.

Who is the genius behind ethey-magic, and what exactly does 0% waste mean? Nick Spina, founder of ethey, succeeded in making it a true closed-loop, sustainable service company.  Foods are sourced from local farms. Ethey has an on-site worm farm at its Toronto location.  With the help of resident worms, food scraps become fertilizer, which is returned to the local farms that produced the food. To ensure this process is seamless, ethey’s packaging is natural and biodegradable. Even the cool packs that keep the food fresh during delivery are filled with delicious juice that customers can consume!

Ethey’s 70,000 square foot facility in Ontario hosts a 33,000 square foot production floor.  Currently, they are delivering three times a week and hope to expand to add more delivery days as demand increases.  All meals are delivered within 24 hours of being cooked.  Customer needs and satisfaction are a top priority to Nick and his team. Along with maintaining the highest standards nutritionally and environmentally, they want to make sure customers are happy! 

Millions of North Americans are ordering food delivery and meal kits from ethey and its competitors.  If you have not yet experienced dining with ethey, you should give them a try!  You will be pleased to find the company provides products that are good for mind, body, and the planet.  They do not claim to be inexpensive (cheap!), but they are competitive. Spina says, “We offer value and a culinary experience that is well worth the price!”

January is the time of year when people have just made New Year’s resolutions and set annual goals for themselves. Many include healthier eating, less fast food, weight loss, and spending more quality time with loved ones. Ethey is primed and ready to support even the busiest of people in making these goals achievable.  Placing your first order will be one of the best gifts you can give yourself in 2022!  

Media Contact:

Glenda Hovenkamp, Writer



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