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Meet Ajit Nawalkha, Founder of the Key Leading Coach Training Company in the World

Our world today is characterized by rapid technological advances that are redefining every aspect of our lives. In fact, the speed at which tech companies are releasing products each day is difficult for most to keep up with. Many people are finding it hard to adapt as a result of this revolution. Cases of anxiety and depression continue to rise in the workplace, and consequently, the demand for well-equipped coaches and thought leaders is high. Evercoach has solutions for that.

Evercoach is a global learning platform whose mission is to create a positive change in the world by empowering coaches and trainers. The company’s co-founder and CEO is Ajit Nawalkha, a renowned mastermind within the education and human evolution spaces. Above all else, Ajit believes in the power of love and service as agents of change. He insists that when the focus of an organization is the people, profits become automatic.

Valuable human connection is the other pillar of Evercoach. They seek this impact by enabling people to become certified coaches or educators of influence. Currently, the company is engaging over 250,000 coaches, speakers, and authors. However, there is still room for more people to join, and Ajit’s invitation remains open. As someone whose life was impacted greatly by others, Ajit understands how impactful connection can be.

When Ajit was growing up in Jaipur, India, financial struggles was all his entire family knew. Surrounded by little space and even less money, Ajit recalls feeling very insignificant and at times hopeless. He also remembers deciding to change the trajectory of his life because he never wanted to feel like that again. With the seed already planted in his mind, all he needed was a nudge in the right direction for his journey to begin.

One of Ajit’s school teachers provided the first nudge. During a school assembly, they encouraged him to “host the news.” The experience exposed his potential and gave him a craving for more. His interest in media piqued, he started seeking mentors and meaningful connections that would help him grow. In college, he joined AIESEC, a global student organization, as a trainee, and his horizons expanded further. 

By the time he graduated, he’d worked his way up at AIESEC to become a vice president and regional director at the organization in India. He’d also gained his first real taste of leadership and organization expansion experience. After graduation, he joined one of the largest publications in India and gained branding and multimedia sales experience. In 2008, he took a leap of faith and left India for Malaysia to work at Mindvalley as an intern.

At Mindvalley, Ajit found more mentors and role models. He rose through the ranks from CTO, CMO, and eventually CEO. His mentors also opened his eyes to more opportunities and helped him in his entrepreneurial journey. As a result, his businesses grew and flourished very fast. That impact also reinforced his desire to do the same for other people. That’s how Evercoach was created.

Ajit’s goal is clear: he wants to change hundreds of millions of lives through others. He is doing that through both his entrepreneurial efforts and his books. So far, he has written three books: The Book of Coaching, The Business Book of Coaching, and Live Big. Collectively, over 50,000 copies of his books have been sold. 

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