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Revi’s Founder Eugene Johnson Shares His Entrepreneurial Experience

Technology has completely changed the way we live our daily lives. The current generation is tech-savvy and knows how to keep up with advancements. But it’s also important for everyone to stay updated and let technology impact their lives for good. The market is currently full of products and services offering great solutions with the help of technology.

Revi is one of those impactful fintech software platforms. But what makes it so unique is the deeper relationship it can help you build with your customers. Revi helps restaurants maximize their revenue by utilizing collected data that provide their guests with an ideal user experience whenever they visit.

Revi is Eugene Johnson’s brainchild. Eugene has always been passionate about building something innovative that can leave an impact. He is the CEO of Revi and has also mastered various unique skills such as business development, public speaking, sales, and creative marketing. He is also a proud father and a husband dedicated to his family. 

His leadership skills have brought him far and are also the reasons for his success. He established his first business at the age of 18 since it was his dream to become an entrepreneur. Eugene is also the author of The Mental Playbook. The experiences he has gained over the last 15 years have helped him become who he is today.

However, success was a challenging path for Eugene, particularly as he grew up in a rough New York neighborhood. Moving to California to pursue his dreams was also difficult, but he stuck with it and reaped the benefits of his determination.

These were a few initial roadblocks, but building Revi took a lot of effort. From training employees to scaling the business to a smaller team, Eugene faced constant challenges, including a dip in the company finances and the need to rebuild the software several times. Introducing a new product and educating the public were other challenges as well.

Eugene managed to battle these difficulties and performed exceptionally under pressure. His patience is why the team never gave up and kept moving in the right direction. These challenges only served to further hone Eugene’s skills.

Despite Eugene’s success, he looks forward to accomplishing much more. His upcoming objective is a software business that caters to the mass market and introduces innovative ideas to improve people’s daily lives. Becoming a leader and CEO of a multi-billion-dollar company is also a part of his bucket list.

Eugene strongly believes that his mentors played a significant role in his success. Their guidance kept him going when he was still learning and building his career. The journey was initially challenging, but with hard work, patience, and perseverance, Eugene made his dreams come true.

While he continues to progress, Revi has successfully gained over 1 million consumer profiles and hundreds of businesses functioning on its platform. The company is also on track to process about $50M this year. These milestones have proven to be the highlight of Eugene’s career. 


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