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How Do You Get to Your First Million? Sebastian Guerra Explains

When you think about it, making your first million seems like a faraway dream or something completely impossible to attain. This is partly due to the many obstacles you must overcome. For most of us, the gap between where we started and what we want to achieve is also relatively large, making it challenging to close. But as Sebastian Guerra explains, closing this gap might be much easier than you think.

According to Sebastian, how and when you build your first million will be highly determined by several factors. These include your mindset, determination, and financial literacy. 

He explains that when you clearly understand your current financial status, it becomes easy to formulate the necessary steps to help you attain one million or even more. It also allows you to remain focused on your goals and continue investing, ensuring you do not overspend.

Sebastian is an investment advisory representative, managing partner, and president of Guerra Financial Group. He is a top-selling author, speaker, and financial advisor who has built a powerful brand with his efforts being recognized in and outside the US.

Sebastian has appeared on different shows and is a regular guest on NBS Money and ABC News. He has also been featured in numerous publications, including New York Times and Boston Magazines. But some years back, Sebastian did not have all this wealth. His current lifestyle was just a dream.

Sebastian struggled financially, and his goal of attaining financial independence seemed impossible. He explains that while he had a job, he couldn’t get enough to save and ended up spending more than he was making. 

This opened Sebastian to a brutal reality, and he realized that he would always work as an obligation and not an option unless he took a step and managed his finances better. Sebastian invested in his dreams, and in 2014 he graduated with a double major in finance and entrepreneurship from the University of Miami School of Business.

He says that the experience (both in school and at work) inspired him to share his knowledge with others. With his brother Fabian Guerra, Sebastian is working to create a truly world-class experience for Guerra Financial Group’s clients, helping people take charge of their finances.

He teaches people about retirement income planning, investment management, tax planning, healthcare asset protection, estate planning, and how they can use their investment and retirement assets to maximize their income by reducing taxes and other bills. Sebastian also shares how changing your mindset can help you build your first million. 

His journey to the top is a source of inspiration to others as he shows people that while getting your first million is one of the hardest steps, it is not impossible. It depends on how you handle your finances and your priorities. 

When Sebastian got his first paying job, he did not rush to buy expensive items. For example, Sebastian did not purchase his first Rolex until he had over $1M in his savings account. Instead, he invested his money, and he was able to join the millionaire club quicker than he initially expected. In fact, he drove a Smart car with no air conditioning for four years while going to university and working a full-time job.

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