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Newlyweds Natasha & Michael Graziano Headed To Notting Hill To Meet Supermodel Caprice Bourret

Natasha Graziano and Michael Graziano headed to Laylow in Notting Hill.

Newlyweds clubhouse couple famous for their clubhouse wedding with over 27,000 guests Natasha Graziano and Michael Graziano were spotted Saturday night heading to Lay Low in Notting Hill to meet with supermodel Caprice Bourret and her billionaire husband Ty Comfort. Natasha posted photos with the supermodel with the caption “Such a fun night celebrating you helping me manifest my husband!!! We did it baby!! @capricebourret”

Caprice Bourret & Natasha Graziano catching up at Laylow in London.

Caprice Bourret is an American business woman model actress and television personality she also lives in London Notting Hill and has been on more than 250 magazine covers including Vogue, GQ, Cosmopolitan, Esquire, Maxim, FHM, and Sports Illustrated. She was named the World’s Sexiest Woman by the news of the world, she cues woman of the year, and maxims international woman of the year for three consecutive years.

Natasha and Michael have been married for three weeks now and not seen outs at any bars or nightclubs since they’ve been together. It’s been a busy time as the newlyweds have just announced they’ve purchased a new waterfront home in Vancouver and will be having yet another wedding in Mykonos Greece this August for their friends and family. Natasha wrote 100 things she wanted in a man and on Valentine’s Day in celebrity matchmaker Carmelia Ray’s room she met Michael Graziano and invited him onto her podcast which receives over 1 million views per episode.

Photo from Michael & Natasha’s wedding in West Vancouver, Canada

Moments later the couple we’re inseparable and dance every night on FaceTime with each other and journalling with each other. Three months later and the couple has gotten married in a small church in West Vancouver along with Michael’s parents and grandparents, and the day after got married on clubhouse with over 27,000 listeners including rapper Ja Rule, Co-author of book The Secret John Assaraf, entrepreneur magazine cover and thought leader Jim Kwik, and many many others. Caprice Bourret could not make the celebrity wedding on clubhouse because she was on a flight and wanted to make it up to the newlyweds by inviting them out for a night in town in Notting Hill.

Michael Graziano proposing to Natasha Grano (at the time) in Whistler, Canada

stay tuned to see what happens next with this new power couple as they enter Clubhouse along with other social media apps like Spotify green room and are emerging as the next generation of thought leaders!

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