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Founder of Ultimate Confidence, Agata Galuszka, Is Empowering Women With Her Supportive Community, ‘Confidence & Financial Independence Creator Academy’

Agata Galuszka is the powerhouse entrepreneur inspiring girl bosses everywhere to take control of their lives. The founder of Ultimate Confidence and creator of Confidence & Financial Independence Creator Academy is providing women across the globe with actionable advice on how to transform their personal and professional lives through her recently released course.

A recent Mckinsey report shared that “Since 2015, we’ve seen only modest signs of progress in the representation of women in the corporate pipeline.”

Examples of “modest progress” can be seen in the percentage increase of women in C-suite positions – a meager 4% rise from 17% in 2015 to 21% in 2020. Despite heightened awareness surrounding gender inequality in the workplace, only 1 in 5 C-suite positions are held by women. 

To further drive this point home, let’s recognize that of the thousands of companies that have ever gone public, only 22 of these were founded and led by women. This percentage becomes even more alarming for BIPOC women who make up a mere fraction of these founders.

What we’re seeing here is a societal disconnect: yes, it is recognized that gender inequality continues to persist in the world, but the implementation of disruptive solutions to eradicate it is frighteningly slow. 

For Agata Galuszka, the CEO and founder of Ultimate Confidence and creator of The Confidence and Financial Independence Creator Academy, being a bystander to this tepid transition was something she simply refused to tolerate. 

About Agata Galuszka

Having spent 12+ years in the corporate world as a Director of HR and People overseeing 15,000+ employees at the young age of 32, Agata had long been exposed first-hand to the limitations preventing women empowerment – both professionally and personally. 

The workplace wasn’t the only environment where Agata was experiencing disempowerment. She’d found herself in an abusive marriage that stifled her ability to reach her full potential. 

Both her career in HR and her parasitic relationship left her frustrated with the implications of being a woman in this world. Knowing there had to be a better way, Agata began searching for ways that she could improve not only her situation but that of countless women in similar spots. 

After leaving her corporate career and her toxic marriage, Agata launched Ultimate Confidence in 2017 as a community to help women progress personally, professionally, and financially. Ultimate Confidence teaches women the tools and techniques required to progress and take the leadership roles they deserve. 

The powerful entrepreneur, speaker, life coach, business mentor, and strategist shared “I’m determined to prove that women can have anything they want and create the lives personally and professionally that they love.” 

Through the launch of her recent course, The Confidence and Financial Independence Creator Academy, Agata is taking her work to the next level, expanding the scope of her voice and lessons to thousands of women worldwide. 

The course shares with women the secrets to success broken down into three main modules: Ultimate Confidence Life Coaching, Women Empowerment Business School, and Leadership & Management Program.

“Change requires action,” shared Agata. “Creating a life you love means upgrading your beliefs, having clarity around what you want, and having the confidence to go after it.”

What The Confidence and Financial Independence Creator Academy provides to women is the blueprint for success based on practiced and proven techniques and tools that will have women taking what they’ve earned and what they deserve.

Module 1: Ultimate Confidence Life Coaching 

There’s an interesting phenomenon called the Dunning-Kruger effect: essentially, it is the tendency for some people to substantially overestimate their abilities. The inverse correlation of the Dunning-Kruger effect exhibits that the less competent a person is, the more likely they are to exaggerate their abilities.

Cornell University applied this phenomenon to a study involving men and women in the workplace, discovering that “… men overestimate their abilities and performance, and women underestimate both. Their performances do not differ in quality.” 

What this shares is that though women often occupy lower-level positions in corporations, this is not a product of their performance, but simply a result of their lower confidence levels. 

Agata dives into this issue in the first module of her course where she works with women to uncover and establish their confidence. The modules explore a range of topics, including how to crack the confidence code, breakthrough limiting beliefs, and identify big & audacious goals. 

“The studies show that for women, 70% to 80% of us don’t speak up, positioning ourselves in the backseat,” reflected Agata. “Often, women are afraid to share what they know and are not verbal in large groups. There’s a lot contributing to this including broken relationships, childhood trauma, and much more. The course works with the reader to understand what their pain points are and where they’re coming from. The reader can then re-build their confidence and re-establish their presence when they feel themselves fading into the background.” 

With confidence mattering as much, if not more, than competence, women must discover it in their pursuit of success, and Agata provides the framework on how to do exactly that. 

Module 2: Women Empowerment Business School

Coinciding with the data above sharing the lack of women-representation in C-suite roles, women seldom get the same opportunities as men to learn and practice a variety of business skills including negotiations, constructing a business plan, and cash management as these are all skills typically performed by higher-ups. 

In recognizing this and realizing it’s something that needs to be addressed, the second module of Agata’s course covers these topics, providing women with the knowledge and expertise required to handle such tasks effectively. 

Women Empowerment Business School breaks down a variety of hard and soft skills by sharing what the skill is, why it is necessary, and how to incorporate it into your interactions within the workplace. 

The reality is, few organizations have powerful women providing a positive example for other women to look up to when conducting business. Agata is changing this, sharing with readers the examples they need to see when learning how to be empowered in business. 

Module 3: Leadership & Management Program 

Did you know that for every 100 men promoted and hired for a manager role in America, there are only 72 women promoted and hired (source)? Naturally, this has resulted in far fewer female leaders. 

What the Leadership & Management Program module shares to readers is how to ensure that they are chosen for these positions with the mission to see the above numbers equalize. 

Agata shares valuable insight on how to manage people, the importance of listening, and the need for motivation and inspiration when leading a team. 

The success of an organization truly depends on the effectiveness of the leadership in place. By learning how to be the leader that an organization needs, women can grab the seat at the table which they’ve earned. 

Through incorporating the fundamentals shared in the Leadership & Management Program, women in the workplace can achieve the success they’re looking for. 

There truly has never been a better or more crucial time for women to take control of their lives and advance their professional and personal endeavors. COVID19 has drastically impacted the working world, with 1 in 4 women considering leaving the workforce or downshifting their careers because of the pandemic. 

Firmly believing that this should not be the case, Agata is sharing her words with the world, inspiring women to uncover the blueprint for success through Ultimate Confidence. 

For those looking to redefine what it means to be a woman in the world, Agata Galuszka’s Confidence & Financial Independence Creator Academy is THE source for women to discover their confidence, build their business skills, and establish themselves as leaders. 

Discover Agata’s Free Trial and take control of your career – and life – today! 

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