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Jimmy Esparza: Founder of Renewable Power USA, The Premier Renewable Energy Consultants of the Southwest, Leading the Solar Revolution

With summer temperatures and electric bills at an all-time high, Jimmy Esparza and his company, Renewable Power USA, offer a solar energy solution to relieve those feeling the burn. Renewable Power USA’s foundation of trust and reputation for excellent service is a product of Esparza’s lifelong commitment to being the best.

Every day you are faced with hundreds of choices, and the result of those can either propel you forward or keep you in the same place. Indecision and stagnation leave you vulnerable to being swept away by the current of life, and to achieve your dreams, you must first set your sails. When choosing to go forward with solar in your home, you take charge of your future by deciding to invest now, forecasting savings on electrical bills and many other benefits for decades to come. In the same fashion, Jimmy Esparza has built his company, Renewable Power USA, by leaning into his strong work ethic and making the bold moves and tough decisions necessary to be the leader he is today.

Based out of Yuma, Arizona, Renewable Power USA is the go-to solar installation company for homes and businesses in their community and across the Southwest. Their service and outreach to the community, spanning far more than solar installations, has earned their reputation for trustworthiness and dedication, making them the top choice in a sea of competitors. Fastidious customer service is a number one priority for CEO Esparza, and he has built the company around this core value. It is evident in the numerous ways for clients to connect with the company and investigate this energy option for their families, including a walk-in office for those wanting to feel a secure in-person connection that is absent in the virtual world. Esparza’s background speaks to his company’s success today, navigating many challenges along the way. 

In his younger years, Esparza learned from his parents the importance of a strong work ethic and absorbed their advice to never quit when a situation becomes difficult. Influenced by his mother, who spent over three hours a day escorting him and his siblings to school to get the best education possible, he carried this determination throughout his life and gained the understanding that you have to work hard and go the distance to get where you want to go. It was also in seeing the financial struggles within his community and the difficulty experienced in obtaining government assistance that motivated him to one day make a difference in the lives of others in the same situation. 

Upon entering the workforce, Esparza gravitated towards sales and marketing, enjoying the challenges it presented. Though a dedicated employee, he would come to junctures at several points in his career where he had to take a leap of faith based solely on intuition. One of these occasions was accepting a position as a door-to-door salesman for a solar company. While experienced in sales, he had never attempted door-to-door sales, which is a supreme challenge within itself. Esparza explains, “At first, they didn’t want to hire me because I didn’t have any door-to-door experience. I remember telling the hiring manager, “Look, man, give me 30 days if at that point you aren’t happy with my work, then fire me.” By the end of the thirty days, not only had he proved his competence for this skill, but he far exceeded expectations and received recognition as a top producer alongside veterans of the company. This affirming event led him to continue within the solar industry. The sense of purpose he felt while selling a product that changed millions of lives was the only sign he needed to confirm he was on the right path. Fast forward a few years to an even more significant leap of faith- Esparza decided to take his innovative ideas for the solar industry and start his own company to implement them. Joined by several close friends, family members, and co-workers sharing his vision, Renewable Power USA was born. 

Talk to Jimmy Esparza for even one minute, and you can feel the passion he has for his industry and how he can serve his clients. But another aspect he loves about his work is developing team members through one-on-one coaching and group training. When asked what inspires him most, he says, “One of the biggest things that drives me is helping the ‘Jimmys’ of the world. By this, I mean the people standing exactly where I was, who aren’t satisfied in their jobs, want something much greater for themselves, and know that they can bring value to the world. To be able to offer them the same opportunity that changed my life, so they can fulfill their dreams working in an industry that benefits the community and the environment, has been the biggest reward.” 

Renewable Power USA has helped thousands of families change the way they generate energy, reduce their carbon footprint, and cut their monthly utility bills to a fraction of what they used to be. Taking advantage of the savings from the federal solar tax credit, protecting your home from electrical outages, increasing your home’s value, and taking control over rising energy costs are just a few of the reasons that going solar will be the smartest investment decision you make this year.
Connect with Jimmy Esparza and his highly-skilled team on the Renewable Power USA website to experience world-class customer service and answer all of your questions about transitioning to solar power.

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