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Change Your Life With Rudi Riekstins A Key Master Mindset Coach Whose Here To Unlock Your Personal Power And Watch As You Soar

For over two decades, leader and role model Rudi Riekstins has impacted thousands of people who have experienced powerful transformations through his training, coaching, and now keynotes. The down-to-earth superhero who walks among us offers high-performance coaching and business leadership mentoring that will positively and drastically shift your company and everyone within it.



When Rudi Riekstins talks, everybody listens. His compelling purpose-driven aura resonates with millions of people worldwide. You are guaranteed to walk away feeling fulfilled and inspired, but most of all seen, heard, and celebrated.


Becoming one of the world’s top business and personal development coaches was not just a choice; it was a calling – a need. The reward is far greater than any sacrifice when you give your life to your purpose.


When Rudi Riekstins was 16-years-old, a day in high school changed his life forever. He thinks back to his younger self, a wry expression settling on his brow: “One day, a motivational speaker spoke in front of the entire school. But when he spoke, I felt like the whole room had disappeared, just him and I. Every single hair on my body stood up. I felt electrified. From this moment on, I knew what I wanted to do – since then, my whole life has set me up to be in a life of absolute service to others,” gleams Riekstins. 


Today Rudi Riekstins is a serial entrepreneur serving as a leadership business coach who teaches mindset mastery and is here to unlock individuals, large groups, and entire organizations’ most significant potential. He helps people get unstuck and aligns them to their vision and purpose. At the core of his work, Riekstins teaches clients how to stop living life by default, step into personal power, and live a life of freedom, abundance, and joy. He does this by demonstrating how your subconscious thoughts produce feelings that then drive behavior. And that if you want to change your life – it begins with the way you think.


Awarded Top #5 Coach by Thrive Global and a Top 20 Global Thought Leader in 2022, the ambitious visionary is the host of the popular InPowered Life Podcast and the co-founder of InPower University, a virtual space for those seeking self-mastery and spiritual growth to expand their minds and become empowered. Rudi Riekstins‘ success comes from passionately consulting and coaching large organizations, creatives, and public figures, all the way through to working one-on-one with CEOs on living more intentional, purposeful lives both personally and professionally.


But it wasn’t always this way. 


When Riekstins was a young man, he shared a common misconception with the rest of the world. 


Feelings of worthiness would come only when he achieved success and believed he would finally feel enough by amassing wealth. 


“When I was a teenager at one of the lowest points in my life, determined to prove I was worthy, I set a goal to be a millionaire by 25. At twenty-six years old, sitting in my penthouse apartment wearing $2,000 jeans, expecting to feel like the King of the World, I realized I still felt like my broken, unhappy and insecure adolescent self. Nothing had changed,” shares Riekstins. 


He realized that what matters most is feeling powerful within, and the journey to discover his mind, beliefs, patterns, and behavior began.


Riekstins, with a South African twang dancing around his words, and a soft crease framing his smiling eyes, takes this misconception and gently molds it into a precious pearl of wisdom. “You can make all the money in the world, but unless you do the inner work and heal your past traumas, you’re preventing yourself from the opportunity to live truly fulfilled.” He adds, “True fulfillment in life comes when you uplift, inspire, and impact the lives of others.” He believes that it’s our moral obligation to positively impact the lives of those around us, especially when in a leadership position. 


“Few people realize that everything that has ever happened to you prepares you for what’s to come next. More specifically, it’s prepared you for what you’re meant to do with it next,” says Riekstins, who believes that our purpose lies in sharing our life and lessons to support and impact others.


“When leaders begin to lead their teams by being intentionally purposeful, supporting the growth of the individual, and connecting each person to the organization by making them feel seen, heard, valued and above all else appreciated – organizations begin to thrive,” says Riekstins. 


Riekstins is known as a leader called upon by leaders in the corporate business world. One of the most important things that any leader of an organization can do for their team is to be mindful of their employees’ needs. On average, happy employees have a 20% higher productivity rate than disengaged employees or those unhappy at work. 


When Riekstins works with organizations, he aligns the people to the business through a unified goal. His work creates effective, lasting systemic change, a culture that drives accelerated growth in people and performance—a win-win for everybody. The results pay the highest dividends, fulfillment. 


As his drive continues to flow from deep within, it’s hard to believe that there was ever a time that he felt unworthy, insecure, or not enough. “After I studied my mind-body connection, it taught me how to find myself, to be the greatest version of myself. Now I teach people how to be the most powerful versions of themselves – and that has made me the happiest person I know,” explains Riekstins.


If you want to live your most empowered life, elevate your business, or transform your company culture, then schedule a consultation call on Rudi Riekstins’ website for a chance worth taking.


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