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BE…The Collaborative Book Spearheaded by Three Successful Businesswomen, Is Changing the Way We Think

#1 bestselling author, award-winning ABA entrepreneur, and product inventor of the FasciaBlaster, Ashley Black; and leading global business growth expert and CEO of Rock Your Product®, Korie Minkus, with award-winning TV producer and #1 bestselling author, Lisa Vrancken have joined together to pass the flaming torch of success to aspiring female entrepreneurs and illuminate the path.

“It’s in our DNA as women to be distinct creators and contributors to the world. We’ve encountered many women in the BE…Movement who are determined to make a positive impact. We intend to guide, uplift, and, most importantly, empower others. It will have an outward reverberation and raise our global frequency. Together, our choices and actions make a difference,” shares Black.

BE…embraces the expansion of sisterhood. In the Age of Aquarius, we no longer need to live by societal dictates. The words on the page encourage female entrepreneurs and business owners to be courageous disruptors. BE…willing to do things differently. “Our book is intended for each of us to gain awareness and focus on the resources you have to define your beautiful life on your terms. We’ve shared tools to recognize your special gifts, talents, and skills. We’ve been underestimated, our human spirit contained, and it’s time to change the rules in our own style,” explains Vrancken.

“Give yourself permission to speak your truth and be vulnerable. You’re not alone; we’ve probably had similar experiences. We believe a portal will materialize as we advocate for each other, expand through innovative leadership, and live our hopes and dreams,” says Minkus.

Hardships and struggles, heartbreaks, fears, insecurities, challenges, and defeats. The authors believe that when we tune into each other’s voices, we amplify them. By coming together and recognizing one another in sisterhood, we transform our experiences into our channel of personal power, profound meaning, and prosperous spirit. “Anything is possible when women step into expression, take action, and use their gifts for creativity and fortitude to invent,” shares Minkus.

The captivating book entitled BE…From Passion and Purpose to Product and Prosperity is a perfect example of precisely that. Inspired by three influential businesswomen: Ashley Black, Korie Minkus, and Lisa Vrancken. These three business masters and kindred spirits came together to form a collaborative book written by women for women. “When we decided to write BE…, we recognized and valued each other’s unique gifts. We felt the presence of the Divine Feminine uniting us in our collective power,” explains Black.

Even though the authors only met three years ago, the women felt it was simply meant to be when the conversation about a book collaboration arose. “Our business philosophies, overlapping stories, industry success, and personal journey to BE… bonded us, and destiny unfolded,” says Lisa Vrancken. They had acquired a wealth of knowledge in the product business world, an appreciation for spiritual practices, big-hearted values, and a solid connection to the beauty of collaboration, a characteristic of Divine Feminine energy. From this, they vowed to share all they had learned with other female entrepreneurs to support them on their path to success.

 The authors share those feminine and masculine energies exist within all of us, regardless of gender. We need both to achieve our full potential, but our world has thrown us far out of balance. For centuries, women have had to suppress our essence. We’ve learned to compete in a man’s world by operating from a place of masculine energy instead of embracing our cooperative nature. The Divine Feminineyour innate wisdom and highest intuition—is awakened by the awareness to move through life with trust, love, and faith in your inner self.  

 Readers are invited from all walks of life to kick off their heels, unclasp their bras, get comfortable, and prepare for their lives’ most remarkable paradigm shift. The authors believe awareness begins inside each one of us. The willingness to learn and tap into our Divine Feminine energies can shed limiting beliefs, shift mindsets, and unleash a whole new level of ‘badass.’

BE…is a light, fun, interactive book that helps female entrepreneurs get unstuck from limited belief systems. The movements and exercises in this book will fuel their readers to grow, evolve, and expand into their highest version of self. The authors even reveal industry secrets and provide foundational support for creating a prosperous physical product business. 

 “Through the BE… movement, we hope to inspire women to rise and BE…leaders; BE…spiritual as we stand in our power; BE…nurturing as we elevate all women in business; BE… aware, so our choices lead to fulfillment and BE…the change we want to see in the world,” say the authors. In other words, let BE… invite you to embrace your Divine Feminine energy and become who you were always meant to BE…because now is your moment.

 Find out what Ashley Black, Korie Minkus, and Lisa Vrancken plan for entrepreneurial women after the exciting release of Be…From Passion and Purpose to Product and Prosperity, coming June 28, 2022.

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