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What Comes After Becoming a Famous Influencer? Ask Max A. Rosen

Max Rosen, leveraging online credibility in a new light.

Photo Credits: Max Rosen, CEO of TheAdvrts

As social media continues to grow in popularity, influencer marketing is becoming an essential strategy for brands to excel. This trend has led to the rise of social media influencers like Max A. Rosen. But what comes after becoming a famous influencer? Is there something more you can do to change the field? Max A. Rosen shares how he is leveraging his experience and vast network to transform influencer marketing and hand back the power to the creators.

Max is a popular name in the social media world who has built multiple influencer businesses from the ground up. He is leveraging the brand’s online following to help his clients grow their venture as he changes how people take advantage of social media and interact with their audiences in a whole new way.

Max explains that his goal is to build a system that willo assist both business owners and influencers find success. Max has launched The Advrts, a marketing and consulting agency that assists Personal Brands in developing effective strategies. 

Max has partnered with other influencers in the industry to develop custom-made eCommerce brands that tell the intended story best while creating a better experience for their audiences. Through his company, The Advrts, he is changing the creator economy.

“Everyone has a merch store”. But what if we sourced quality products to bring to your audience or invent one that doesn’t exist yet? Our focus is on helping you to build a successful brand from inception to money collection without you having to worry about doing it all by yourself. We handle the branding, web design, and all related marketing, so you as the influencer only have to post content and engage with your audience to see what they truly want. “The time of only having a merch store is over…let’s go deeper”  says Max Rosen. 

His unique approach is decreasing the corporate-driven focus on social media and handing power back to the influencers as he helps them bring their ideas to life and grow their businesses. Having been in the digital space for years, his skills and expertise help him to stand out and make it possible for him to transform influencer marketing, and the creator economy.

Max says that he aims to empower other influencers and bring long-lasting solutions to the field. He is using his journey to encourage others and spread the word that no dream is too big to fulfill. When Max started social media marketing, he didn’t think this was a path he could follow professionally. Initially, he had the opinion that content creation was difficult as he was a computer science major programmed to think in systems only. 

However, after talking with some of the top creators in the space, Max came to fall in love with content creation. He has worked with several influencers, including hairdressers, candle makers, and even Olympic hopefuls before starting his digital marketing agency, TheAdvrts. As he continues to grow, he says his goal is to completely elevate and change how people consume and interact with social media, and help influencers connect with their audiences on a brand new level.

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