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What Are the Best Photos for an Online Dating Profile? The Match Artist Knows

In 2023, an estimated 52 million Americans will be using dating apps. 

So why is it that finding a suitable match is such a struggle? 

We’ve all been there: Carefully crafting out bios, trying to choose the right profile photo, and swiping through hundreds of profiles—only to be met with a wall of silence.

With reportedly 1,500+ dating apps to choose from globally, it may be time to admit that the problem isn’t the service; it’s in what you decide to put out there.

Maybe your bio isn’t striking a note, or maybe your pictures aren’t showcasing your good side. There are more than a few factors to consider when crafting your online dating profile.


Enter The Match Artist


A photography company based in Austin, Texas, understands that the key to dating app success is making the right impression by showing off the best version of you—all through a simple picture.

The team at The Match Artist uses their expertise in facial expression coaching and photography to create eye-catching images that demand attention. By learning about your personality, interests, and passions, the company goes a step beyond and offers you photographs that highlight your best features and personality in an authentic way. 


What’s Wrong With My Pictures? 


The most common question The Match Artist gets is, “What pictures work the best on dating apps?” And this is a very valid query. 

According to a survey among 1,000 dating app users, almost half say photos from bad angles is a sin that would make them swipe left immediately. Meanwhile, as many as 85% of dating app users rely on selfies, which is another no-go. When taken too well, selfies offer an inaccurate portrayal of your actual features and personality. When taken poorly, they can be rather unflattering. And let’s not forget that a surprising number of people are using old, outdated photos that don’t reflect who they are today.

This is where The Match Artist comes in: Based on your personality, hobbies, and best features, they know what types of photos you need on your online dating profile. They offer these photos and more to capture you in the most honest way possible.


Who Needs a Dating Profile Overhaul? 


Every day, Match Artist co-founders Nick Friesen and Shane White receive requests from both men and women who are anxious to create a better online dating profile. They’ve worked with people from all different age groups and backgrounds. Some are trying out dating apps for the first time, some have been on the apps for years. Others are looking to get back out there after some time away from dating.

The most common demographic that The Match Artist is approached by, however, are young men looking for women in their age group. The founders note that these men often fail to take pictures that show their maturity, which can be quite a turnoff.

Armed with their knowledge of how dating apps work and a team of expert photographers, The Match Artist provides a profile overhaul that’s far from superficial. With facial expression coaching and personable, experienced photographers, they’re truly able to bring out the best in people and capture them in their element.

The team welcomes anyone who is struggling to match with the right people. Whether you’re in your 30s and highly focused on your career without much time to date or a divorcee nervous about putting yourself out there, The Match Artist can help.

They even started The Wedding Artist to capture the stories of couples they’ve helped match up. 


The Bottom Line


At the end of the day, you have 1-2 seconds to catch someone’s attention on a dating app. How do you make the most of these 1-2 seconds?

With the help of a professional dating photographer, you’ll walk away with images that show off your best features, your personality, and are guaranteed to get you out on more dates. Don’t believe us? Just take a look at some of their case studies.

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