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Weight Loss Expert Kirk Anderson Is Helping Others Look Great and Feel Better

The journey towards weight loss can be challenging, with different obstacles that will block your path. The temptation to slide back into old habits or a lack of motivation can easily add to your failure. Life situations, finances, genetics, stress, or even time can also pointedly contribute to significant barriers. But one thing is for sure: facing some of these barriers with the help of someone else will help you get over the hurdles. Many others are facing similar or more adverse challenges. 

But we can successfully walk the path to weight loss if we remain strong-willed and focused on the goal. One of the best ways to a successful weight loss program involves working with qualified professionals in the field like Kirk Anderson.

Kirk is an experienced weight loss expert and a former ‘fat guy’ turned nutritionist helping regular people look great and feel even better. Kirk is known for his tried and tested training, offering his client’s customized diets, workouts, and supplement plans. The 49-year-old certified personal trainer shares valuable experience helping hundreds transform their bodies and feel great about themselves. He believes it’s his mission to reach out to everyone struggling with obesity, and it doesn’t matter whether they are trying to lose 100 lbs of fat, gain 30 lbs of muscle, tone their legs, or naturally lift their butts. He works with everyone, coaching and guiding them on the best way to achieve their body goals. 

“I’ve been clinically obese with high blood pressure and pre-diabetes. So, I understand the struggle people trying to lose weight go through. After being fed up with who I saw in the mirror, I made the decision to INVEST in myself. I’ve had coaching from professional bodybuilders and spent over 4,000 hours reading/listening to health and nutrition-related information to transform my body,” Kirk shares.

Kirk is also trying to demystify some of the ‘fat lies’ surrounding weight loss. According to him, there are two myths out there regarding fat people. First, they are lazy and don’t want to work out to lose weight, so they remain fat. Second, they secretly consume tons of calories, which is why they remain fat. However, the reality is far different. 

Kirk believes that most fat people have tried several times to work out; but because they don’t know what they’re doing, they don’t get the results, so they quit. Also, many fat people don’t overeat; they don’t eat enough. “This might sound crazy at first, but most fit and healthy people consume MORE calories than their overweight counterparts. The two things that held me back from achieving the body and health I wanted for so long were my ‘ignorance’ and my ‘arrogance,'” Kirk adds.

These are the two predominant factors holding most fat people back, which is far removed from the myths of them being lazy or overeating. This is one of the reasons Kirk is working on expanding his reach by establishing a fitness company to educate more individuals and make a difference in the world.

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