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Top 10 Coaches to Follow in 2022

Professionals who help us to accomplish our dreams and reach the heights of our endeavors are commonly referred to as coaches. Life coaches can be influential in changing how we think, act, and approach our daily efforts. With specialized talents from several different fields, coaches can bring about tangible change through fresh and rejuvenated perspectives.

Deriving authority and influence from results in their individual ventures, the following coaches are primed for a big year in 2022 as the world continues its return to normalcy.

Discover the top 10 coaches heading into 2022 to build your brand, change your mindset, and rejuvenate your life!

Dan Fleyshman – Social Media Mogul, Philanthropist, and Entrepreneur

Already the youngest founder to ever establish a publicly traded company, Dan Fleyshman had sold more than $15 million dollars worth of clothing through six department chains… all by the age of 23. Now a decorated author and entrepreneur, Fleyshman seeks to help others pursue the successful path that he has walked upon through his newest book, How To Set Up Your Personal Brand For Under $1,000.

More than a coach and much more than an author, Dan Fleyshman has turned entrepreneurship into a foundational aspect of his life. Upon landing a $9.5 million dollar licensing deal with STARTER Apparel, Fleyshman would harness his energy as both an Angel Investor and an advisor. Fleyshman has worked with over 24 companies ranging from tech developments to subscription boxes and everything in between. Currently, Fleyshman is focused on developing his charity, Model Citizen Fund, which fills out and dispenses backpacks with emergency supply items to homeless individuals. Keep up with Dan on his Instagram or drop him a line on his website today.

Joel Brown – Mentor & Coach, Founder of Addicted2Success

Elevate. Amplify. Transform. Joel Brown is a Mentor, Coach, and Visionary Expert who endeavors to help guide his clients to their highest potential. By elevating your mind and amplifying your influence, you can fundamentally transform your life.

A self-ascribed Ninja of the Unconscious, Joel Brown founded the top motivational website on the internet, bringing in hundreds of millions of global viewers. Founder of Addicted2Success, Joel would show his entrepreneurial chops as he developed a podcast for his brand, bringing in more than 3.2 million total downloads.

As a traveler, Joel brings his abilities and his influence with him around the world, traveling to provide insight and motivation for those who need it. Through his efforts, Brown has been featured in HuffPost, Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Think and Grow Rich. Famous names that Brown has shared the stage with include The Dalai Lama, Deepak Chopra, and Tony Robbins. When he’s not on stage helping others to carve out their vision, Joel releases documentary films on the subject. 

If you are reading to take the leap of faith towards actualizing your passions and desires, you can join Joel’s Certified Influential Coaching Program today! 

Lisa Nichols – Founder and CEO of Motivating the Masses

As one of the world’s most requested motivational speakers, Lisa Nichols offers more than just entertainment to her fans, followers and growing community of abundant seekers. Once a struggling single mom living on assistance, Lisa turned her life around by becoming a corporate CEO, media personality, and life coach to those that seek to follow in her path.

Brimming with courage and determination, Lisa calls upon her past to help encourage and inspire others as they seek to break through their limitations while unlocking their unlimited potential. Nichols herself is well-known through her featured spot in the world-famous The Secret, an influential book that has sold more than 30 million copies.

As the founder of Motivating the Masses, Lisa works directly with entrepreneurs and small business owners to help them launch, stabilize, and grow their coaching businesses. Her work in successfully preparing coaches ensures that properly equipped support professionals are finding their way into the field. Joined by other leading industry professionals including Sean Smith, Jack Canfield, Eric Worre and Marina Worre, you can join her powerfully inspiring and resource-filled  Speakers Summit to learn how you can elevate your business and life today!

Trent Shelton – Motivational Speaker, Founder of RehabTime

“It’s RehabTime.”

For Trent Shelton, that message was as much a reminder to get better as it was a promise to his viewers that he would. An outstanding collegiate athlete who made it to the NFL as an Undrafted Free Agent, Shelton would work his way onto several teams throughout his tenure in the league. After struggling with nagging injuries, Shelton would notice a tug toward a different direction in his life.

Shelton felt like he was being called to help others.

“Don’t live an incomplete life.”

The words are simple but the power behind the phrase is not. After enjoying a multi-year stint in the NFL with the Indianapolis Colts, Washington Redskins, and Seattle Seahawks, Trent would begin creating YouTube videos to track his journey. Each video ending with, “It’s Rehab Time.” As the videos went viral, Shelton’s voice as a motivational speaker began to rise. Now a global ambassador for motivation, Trent packs arenas everywhere from Sweden to New York. Now fans and followers can keep track of Shelton as he continues his journey to bring influence and motivation to the other “Rehabbers” of the world.

Cindy Stibbard – Certified Separation, Divorce, Career and Transition Coach

Cindy Stibbard is the driven and compassionate leader and CEO behind Divorce ReDefined, a Vancouver-based separation and divorce coaching practice. Divorce can be a messy, stressful and particularly raw experience and few truly understand the process, know their options or how to most effectively cope with and manage this major life transition. After going through her own divorce, Cindy felt inspired to help others successfully navigate this difficult time in their lives. As a Certified Separation, Divorce, Career and Transition Coach, Cindy Stibbard created her unique practice to help people on an international level through every stage of their divorce and beyond to redefining themselves in their new chapter of life. This includes coaching others through their most pressing fears while only contemplating separating from their spouse through life beyond divorce, fears like: ‘How will this impact my children? How will I support myself alone? How do I release this pain and anger? How can I co-parent with my ex in the best way possible? Will I ever feel normal again?’

The goal of Cindy’s vision of creating Divorce ReDefined is to lead the charge of changing the experience of divorce. Cindy and her network of vetted professionals have helped thousands of clients overcome roadblocks, explore their options, reduce legal costs and become empowered in approaching divorce with clarity and confidence in their life and in their new future. Living by the mantra, “When we know better, we do better”, Cindy will be your quarterback through your separation from start to finish informing, educating, supporting and empowering you the entire way. She is on a mission to eradicate the stigma around divorce by redefining the entire experience.  If you are feeling overwhelmed, confused or lost, start exploring your options and book a free discovery call with Cindy today.

Derek Jameson – Spiritual Life Coach & QHHT Past Life Regressionist

Originally launching Wonderful Light Body in 2007, Derek’s work has been featured in Men’s Journal, Thrive Global, and Fabfitfun. Already a spiritual Life Coach and QHHT Past Life Regressionist, Derek Jameson uses his unique background as a fitness and mindset coach to build a grounded approach to spirituality and wellbeing.

Aiming to assist people as they reconnect with their mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies, Derek takes his clients into their deepest levels of consciousness to access the past lives that will help them heal and regain their power.

Derek’s journey to this day began as a child who had been bullied. For many years, Derek allowed bullies to steal his self-worth until one day he decided to take it back. Since that day, inspired and buoyed by the works of Tori Amos, Derek has endeavored to help others find inner healing that turns into an outward power in life, work, faith, and relationships.

Derek has spent almost two decades honing his skills and has worked with leaders from every walk of life. From celebrities and lawyers to business owners and doctors, Derek helps his clients to become the change they wish to see in the world.

Readers can empower themselves by contacting Derek Jameson directly or by booking a session with this radiant soul today. 

Riana Milne MA, LMHC, CCTP, Cert. Global Life, Love Trauma Recovery & Mindset Coach

With a mission to “Help change the way the world loves”, it is easy to think that Coach Riana Milne has lofty ambitions. As a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Cert. Clinical Trauma Professional with more than 22 years of experience, Riana is skillfully qualified to help heal Adult’s Unconscious, Adverse, past Childhood Events and current Love Traumas. Riana guides her Clients through ‘The Mindset for Success’ Program so they can Create the Life they Desire and Have the Love they Deserve. 

Established in 2000 as a Private Counseling Practice, Riana was inspired to walk this path in her early childhood after experiencing years of bullying and was moved to become a counselor after inspirational reads from Psychology Today.  After experiencing a Love Trauma, Riana’s  research found in 2012, that 90% of adults suffered with 3-4 unhealed, unconscious Childhood Traumas that lead to Love Trauma.  In 2021, research shows that 100% of adults have experienced   Childhood Trauma. She turned her pain into her purpose and her passion  and created her global business, Lessons in Life & Love Coaching, LLC  to heal and empower others. 

Riana created The Childhood Trauma Checklist Assessment Tool in 2012 and continues to serve as a key tool to uncover conscious or unconscious traumas that require holistic approaches in healing using Mind-Body-and Spirit; along with Trauma Recovery, Educational Coaching, and Mental Health techniques. To ensure her full undivided attention, Riana focuses on 1-on-1 VIP, individual clients to maximize the healing and success for each of her valued clients. Rianas value and impact extends far beyond her coaching programs as millions stay tuned into her 5-star rated podcast called Lessons in Life & Love. Riana continues to inspire the lives of many as a decorated author of her #1 Bestselling books including; Love Beyond Your Dreams – Break Free of Toxic Relationships to Have the Love You Deserve; and LIVE Beyond Your Dreams – from Fear & Doubt to Personal Power, Purpose & Success.

If you are ready to have the emotionally healthy love you deserve, feel empowered in business, and live a joyful, purpose-filled life then connect with Celebrity Coach Riana Milne or book your private Life & Love Transformation Discovery Session with her today! 

Octavia Christina – Founder & Head Coach at One Mind Academy

Inspiring entrepreneur, Octavia Christina founded the One Mind Academy to help guide aspiring women coaches, healers, and spiritual entrepreneurs to fulfilment and create a healing brand aligned to their human design. Individuals looking to create a coaching business that directly benefits humanity will find a qualified coach in Octavia.

As the founder and head coach of One Mind Academy, Octavia knew from a young age that she wanted to grow to help and serve others. After wrestling with her mental health, Octavia embarked upon a quest to learn and understand more. Struggles with Imposter Syndrome would become part and parcel of her daily life, at least until a trip to India led to an ego-death and awakening.

After moving her business online in 2019, Octavia Christina began to develop concepts that she could bring to empower women to empower themselves. Octavia looks to people like Gabby Bernstein and Princess Diana for inspiration, noting the powerful and positive impact they’ve had on her spiritual education and entrepreneurial journey that have led her to massive success.

After investing countless hours and thousands of dollars in training and development, Octavia Christina is proud to offer her services with her Master’s Level in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology. Octavia has direct experience in theta healing, breathwork, reiki, and coaching and human design.

Women looking to empower themselves and redirect their future can visit One Mind Academy, or book a free discovery coaching session to learn more about which program is right for you! 

Marcus Black – Author, Podcast Host, Life Coach & Motivational Speaker

In the immortal words of Kanye West, “Everything I’m not made me everything I am.”

Marcus Black wasn’t born with a silver spoon, but he was destined to go on a mission to ignite a fire within the souls of his followers, helping to guide them in a passionate pursuit of purpose and true fulfillment. The Bestselling author, CEO, creator, and visionary behind the Vitalize Podcast, Marcus Black spends time every week helping his listeners to cultivate their gifts, transforming sorrow and suffering into power while empowering others to do the same.

Looking to his family as a source of inspiration, Marcus says that their love and belief in him have cultivated his abilities. Seeking to address anyone that has ever felt lost or confused, lonely or helpless, Marcus aims to inspire and motivate as they overcome struggles with comparisons or imposter syndrome.

Marcus, the co-visionary of Embrace Your Ambition traveling conference with Ashlee Fay Branstetter is captivating a global audience with his authenticity and genuine desire to uplift everyone he connects with. Personal development seekers can book Marcus for their next event, secure tickets to his live event, or tune into The Vitalize Podcast for your daily dose of motivation and inspiration!

Ashlee Fay Branstetter – Life Coach & Podcast Host

A decorated author, a celebrated coach, and an inspiring entrepreneur. There are plenty of ways to describe the work that Ashlee Fay Branstetter performs, but it’d likely be easier just to see her in action. Branstetter turned her life around, moving from abject poverty with a negative bank balance toward the direction and prosperity that she felt God leading her in.

A few short years later, Ashlee would hit six figures.

Now a teacher paving the way for others to mirror this success, Ashlee focuses on helping women to empower themselves, foster growth in their own life, all while pursuing their dream business ambitions. With more than 70,000 engaged followers on her Facebook Page, Ashlee is proud to use her life as an army wife and mother of three beautiful children as a reference for her work and what is possible. Ashlee is now making it easier than ever to shop her favourite products and finds with her mobile app available for both Android and iOS users. More than the owner of a shopping network, Ashlee is now sharing her popular podcast and traveling conference with the world. Embrace Your Ambition features both Marcus Black and Ashlee Fay as they seek to inspire others to pursue their dreams.

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