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Thaddeus Gala And The Guardians Invite You To A Retreat With 13 Sizzling Hot Keynote Speakers

The Guardians’ Annual Retreat 2022, April 25 - 28, at the beautiful El Conquistador Resort in Puerto Rico, is featuring business creation, networking, and up-leveling of wealth, impact, and health – sure to be the hottest event of the year for anyone seeking an abundance mindset and a community of thought-leaders and change-makers

Some of the most outstanding and newsworthy entrepreneurs are driven by a desire to make a positive impact. Fueled by an urge to facilitate healing, education, and elevation, these thought-leaders and change-makers are often multi-layered. Dr. Thaddeus Gala fits this description perfectly as the founder of organizations that impact the health, finances, and mindset of scores of people around the globe. As a visionary and after learning much about financial management through his own health care business, he saw a need to help others be more successful in developing an abundance mindset and managing wealth. He is the founder of The Guardians, an “exclusive business and philanthropic mastermind that strives to empower individuals possessing an entrepreneurial mindset to make an impact on this world and leave a legacy that reaches beyond their business.”  

The Guardians offers business consultation, education, networking, development, and financial capital strategies through its entrepreneurial mastermind. The Guardians’ network is firmly based on weaving together the essential elements of wealth, health, and philanthropy. It offers high-level personal and business development and a community for successful individuals, which nurtures the establishment of genuine and enduring relationships. The membership of this robust community stems from industry leaders and innovators who gather for in-person events and online sessions.


The Guardians’ Annual Retreat 2022, dubbed The Event of the Year, is scheduled for April 25 – 28 at a premier Caribbean resort, El Conquistador Resort in Puerto Rico. The event features an ultra-impressive list of keynote speakers, including Dr. Gala, Gary Vaynerchuck, Natasha Graziano, Dave Meltzer, Steve Sims, Bobby and Sofia Castro, Jaramy Eugene Wilson, Tom McCarthy, Peter Taunton, Paul Mort, Danny Chaves, and Arianna Font Martin. Attendees will be assigned to a curated group of entrepreneurs to focus on creating, networking, and up-leveling wealth, impact, and health. Members of the mastermind are inviting the public to join them for this groundbreaking annual retreat.


One of the themes of the retreat is Health is True Wealth. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn about “cutting-edge and biohacking protocols to optimize high energy, immunity, metabolism, cognition, endurance, and strength to lead with peak performance.” Early in life, Dr. Gala learned one cannot have true wealth without health. He watched his mother lose her health and then battle her way to recovery from a painful and severe case of fibromyalgia. Doctors told the family she would be in a wheelchair for the rest of her life, but he watched her transformation journey from a bed-ridden illness to the vibrant health coach she is today at age 70. This childhood experience inspired him to dedicate his professional life to promoting health through natural medicine.


Another theme of the Retreat is Unlock True Freedom, which will focus on the concept of continual wealth creation, financial growth, asset protection, liquidity, and business scaling. Attendees will gain financial strategies and relationships to facilitate growth of net worth and creation of a life that offers more freedom and choices. A major highlight of the Retreat will be its philanthropic focus, which will arm ambitious, dynamic innovators with a powerful why for their hard work.


The Guardians build community through bi-monthly calls and periodic two-day breakout intensives scheduled throughout the year. To help members stay up to date on ever-evolving trends, the two-day event provides a deep-dive into topics of interest selected by the membership, such as real estate, cryptocurrency, sales, and marketing. 


In his role as a Doctor of Chiropractic and founder of his Complete Care clinics, Gala is tireless in continuing his studies and research related to reversing diseases and their symptoms. “The majority of the chronic illnesses in the Western world are caused by our lifestyle and low-grade inflammation,” says Gala. “If we can reduce inflammation, we can resolve many of these diseases. In our clinics, my Complete Care practitioners and I diagnose the root cause of a patient’s inflammation as opposed to just treating symptoms.”


When asked how he has so successfully scaled his Complete Care business, Gala says, “I have been fortunate in hiring the right people with excellent skills and work ethic, who are a good match for our clinic culture, possessing a passion for helping others.” Complete Care is a holistic healthcare system geared to support the total health of their patients. Services include primary care, physical therapy, medical massage therapy, functional medicine, chiropractic, and in-house lab work.

Passion is Dr. Gala’s trademark trait. It has been his inspiration in building The Guardians and the Complete Care clinics. His vision for all of his work, including the 2022 Guardians’ Annual Retreat, is to help humans flourish and reduce suffering. Reach out to him via his Instagram to learn more about improving your health and growing your wealth!

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