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Step Into Your Dream Life Today by Taking Control of Your Time: Bobby Hobert

Ever wonder how some people manage to seize the day while you struggle to keep up with the ticking clock? Or maybe you struggle with procrastination every minute of every day. Lost in the chaos of the digital age, most of us often find ourselves at the mercy of time, desperately trying to catch up with our dreams. Bobby Hobert, a time management guru, knows a secret or two of choreographing your day with precision and passion.

Seven years ago, Bobby was one of the overwhelmed, lost, unclear, and burnt-out people with no passion for anything. His life even had a rhythm: work, eat, sleep, repeat. This was not only toxic and unhealthy; it was unsustainable. While some parts of his life were okay, the rest were in shambles, and he didn’t know how or when he’d be able to rebuild them. However, he knew something must be wrong with his time management because other people found the elusive work-life harmony he was searching for. That’s why he embarked on this transformative experience.

Bobby says our time management troubles begin in the morning. “Most people have it wrong thinking that the earlier they wake up, the more successful they’ll become,” the content creator and transformation coach says. “That’s the farthest thing from the truth! Whether you wake up at 4.00 am or 10.00 am and still get 8 hours of sleep, it’s all relative. I live by the philosophy, “You win the morning, you win the day.” For me, winning starts with creating boundaries to prioritize myself first and crossing off all the important self-care habits and routines that benefit my well-being.”

Eliminating distractions from your life is the next thing Bobby recommends. In one study, researchers found that on average, it takes 23 minutes and 5 seconds to recover from a distraction. Bobby observes that 3 minor daily distractions will translate to one full hour down the drain that you will never get back. More distractions per day equals more time lost. Consequently, you’ll constantly rush to hit deadlines, which may make you feel anxious and overwhelmed.

“50% of people admit they’re distracted by their phones at work,” Bobby explains. “Going down the social media rabbit hole always stops you from focusing on your priorities and goals. This makes you the greatest bottleneck to achieving your wildest dreams because money can’t buy back time.” Bobby uses four tools to avoid being swept up in the social media current.

“I have a no-phone policy for the first 60 minutes of my morning,” he shares. “Second, I take intentional social media breaks during my work hours. I allow myself to take 3 ten-minute windows to check social media regulated by a timer. Once it goes off, I log off and get back to work. Additionally, I keep my phone away from me while working to hold myself accountable.”

This gave Bobby a chance to live a life he never thought possible and help others do the same. His coaching program has helped countless people optimize their time, improve sleep quality, boost productivity, and reduce stress and anxiety. His goal is to assist more reclaim their time, energy, and attention, refocusing on their priorities, and regaining momentum toward their goals.

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