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Sports, Media, Gaming: Here’s How GameOn Entertainment Technologies’ B2B Tech Is Revolutionizing The Superfan Experience Today

GameOn continues to position itself as a major player in the on and off screen sports and entertainment fan experience through gamification, NFTs and engaging rewards.

GameOn Entertainment Technologies Inc. (CSE: GET) (OTCQB: GMETF) (FSE: 9E7) the leader in providing broadcasters, TV networks, streaming platforms, leagues, tournaments, sportsbooks and NFTs with white label fan engagement technologies around sports, TV and live events, is on track to be the next big thing in superfan engagement.

Gamification is quickly taking over every aspect of our lives, including shopping, workplace training, and, of course, television. GameOn’s proprietary technology, that it white labels to content-providers, serves to engage fans in ways we’ve never seen before. The company recently announced that their MX Player Cricket Predictor, owned by Indian media giant, Times Internet, surpassed 2,000,000 predictions in just three weeks. Additionally, they’ve partnered with Chibi Dinos to deliver NFT-based games and rewards to owners of their digital dinosaur NFTs, guaranteeing GameOn $120,000 and a 50% revenue share of primary and secondary NFT sales in perpetuity.

The company’s market cap currently sits around $20,000,000, and they’ve only been publicly traded for about four months. GameOn is on track to make $5,000,000 in revenue by 2023, and over $20,000,000 by 2025. With 63,000,000 shares outstanding, investors are currently able to buy into this promising company for only $0.34 per share.

What does GameOn do?

GameOn’s products add gamified elements and social elements to reality television, sports, e-sports and more. Fans can connect and compete with each other, earning prizes along the way. Although GameOn’s apps are developed for superfan consumers, GameOn is a B2B company at its core. The Company’s products are designed for content-owners and provides them with multiple monetization options, including ads, brand partnerships, NFTs, and enhanced media rights value. For example, when GameOn partnered with NBCUniversal for The Real Housewives of Potomac prediction game, new users grew 281% week-on-week, and active users grew roughly 144% week-on-week.

According to Matt Bailey, GameOn’s CEO, traditional TV is now the second or third screen, and is at risk of becoming the ‘never screen.’ It’s why we’re seeing many broadcasters partnering with companies to utilize their engaging technology in order to entice and retain fans by awarding them with everything from money-can’t-buy-experiences, prizes, or the title and bragging rights of being the no. 1 fan. If this is the case, GameOn’s model is poised to enhance the e-sports, television, and traditional sports scene in a way many content owners may have never dreamed of before.

What can we expect from GameOn in the future?

On November 2, 2021, GameOn announced a letter of intent to acquire real-time fantasy technology, FanClash. With this move, GameOn signaled its entry into the lucrative fantasy sports and entertainment market, currently valued at $18.6 billion. The fantasy sports market is expected to reach $48.6 billion by 2027, positioning GameOn to grow substantially in that timeframe.

Additionally, GameOn recently announced a partnership with Gaming Society. The partnership will leverage GameOn’s predictor games to enable fans to make free-to-play bets on women’s sports. The deal will result in additional revenue for GameOn, as Gaming Society licenses GameOn’s proprietary technology for their engagement initiatives. The two companies will also share in all revenue generated by the platform. According to Matt Bailey, “Despite women making up 40% of all athletes, they only receive 4% of media coverage, so it’s imperative platforms like Gaming Society help level the playing field through innovative, democratized fan engagement.”

Between these exciting partnerships, acquisitions and the foundation GameOn has already laid, the company is expected to grow substantially in the coming years. The company is committed to bringing on new partners as they grow and generally sees license fees and up to a 50% revenue share and as much as seven figures per partner annually.

Another exciting recent partner is Chibi Dinos, an NFT series depicting 10,000 different chibi characters in dinosaur costumes. The successful NFT series managed to sell its entire collection on August 20, the day of their release, priced at 0.06 Ethereum (ETH). Chibi Dinos are backed by current and former NBA players Michael Carter-Williams, Kendrick Perkins and R.J. Hampton and are available on OpenSea, a marketplace for NFTs with more than $1 billion in sales to date. The partnership will give Chibi Dinos utility beyond simply collecting and trading and guarantees GameOn an additional $120,000 in revenue. GameOn will also receive a 50% revenue share of primary and secondary sales of at least one new Chibi Dinos NFT drop. Thanks in part to these exciting partnerships, GameOn’s revenue is set to grow an astounding 2,200% over the next four years, from roughly $1,000,000 to $22,000,000.

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