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Shilpa Gadhok’s SEE GOOD STRATEGY GROUP: Redefining the Role of Brands in Today’s Business Landscape

A Journey of Service: From Procter & Gamble to the Founding of a Strategic Consultancy Championing Social Responsibility and Sustainability

Shilpa Gadhok, the Founder and CEO of SEE GOOD STRATEGY GROUP, is working to transform the future of enterprise through purpose and stakeholder-led business models.

Gadhok’s brand management career spans iconic, multinational organizations like Procter & Gamble and The Hershey Company, as well as family-owned businesses and start-ups. Her brand portfolio includes Pampers, Kit-Kat, barkTHINS, and Halo Top to name a few. Her experience in leading teams and operating business models across categories and industries has enabled her to understand the interconnectedness of strategic decisions, executions, and their impacts on cross-functional departments and the bottom line. “Coming from a general management background gives us an advantage that our clients can appreciate, “ she says. “We’ve literally been in their shoes, and we know the complexities of operating within matrixed organizational structures. We also know that what seems idealistic in terms of theory doesn’t always pan out in execution – so we work hard to ensure our recommendations are grounded in what can be executed.”  Gadhok firmly believes that addressing broader systemic issues such as climate change, public health, food system degradation, growing inequality and racial discrimination, climate justice, and global access to education, goes hand in hand with the future resilience of businesses and economies. 

With the private sector predominantly motivated to prioritize short-term profit over long-term impact, Gadhok recognizes the need to shift this dynamic. She believes changing how business leaders are evaluated and incentivized is crucial to the success of a stakeholder primacy model.

At SEE GOOD STRATEGY GROUP, the core principle is simple: brands and businesses add more value when they create a positive impact. The firm seeks to revolutionize organizational growth by activating impact streams that directly benefit the societies, environments, and economies they serve. This includes helping client organizations build stronger and smarter brand strategies, drive a purpose-driven culture, and equip their employees with the skills and capabilities they need to excel in their roles. A full suite of the firm’s services can be found on their website.

“Now, more than ever, the role of business in the lives of consumers and customers is changing – and for good reason,” says Gadhok. “As leaders with influence, we have a responsibility to contribute toward building a society and business ecosystem that not only supports the needs of our communities and people, but simultaneously enables them to thrive. We have the ability to shape-shift market demand through innovative solutions. We have a duty to solve the challenges facing our environment so future generations can prosper. Let us partner together and inspire the change we wish to see, the change we all need to see, in the way we do business.”

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