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Sammy Obeid: Juggling Laughter and Numbers, One Joke at a Time

Sammy Obeid, a Lebanese-Palestinian American hailing from Oakland, California, is a man of many talents. Armed with a double major in Business and Mathematics from UC Berkeley, Sammy took a leap of faith, turning down a promising role at Google to pursue his true calling—comedy. His journey has been nothing short of remarkable.

Known for his record-breaking feat of performing comedy for 1,001 consecutive nights, Sammy has graced both television and streaming platforms. He is the charismatic host of Netflix’s “100 Humans,” a show that adds a unique comedic touch to understanding human behavior. Sammy’s wit and humor have also shined on platforms like NBC’s Last Comic Standing, America’s Got Talent, and TBS’s Conan.

But what sets Sammy apart is not just his knack for comedy; it’s his ability to combine humor with his academic prowess. The fusion of a business and math background with the art of stand-up comedy adds an intriguing layer to his performances.

In the wake of the pandemic, Sammy demonstrated resilience and innovation. He founded KO Comedy, a virtual comedy club, adapting to the changing times and bringing laughter to audiences in the digital realm.

Sammy Obeid’s story is more than just a comedy show; it’s a testament to following one’s passion against the odds. Sammy envisions a future where his brand achieves a massive following, embarks on international theater tours, produces engaging podcasts and content consistently, and possibly, graces the screen with a self-produced series or a network partnership.

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