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Disruptive Advice from Rob Moore, The Disruptive Entrepreneur

By: Glenda Hovenkamp

Disruptive, disarming, and certainly not a disappointment, Rob Moore is one of the most interesting and talented human beings you’ll ever meet. He has co-founded four companies, written 18 books, created 700+ episodes of his podcast, The Disruptive Entrepreneur, and made a lot of money. His personal vision is, “To help as many people on this planet start and scale up their business and get a better financial education.” Looking as handsome as ever and completely at home in his podcast studio, Rob shared some simple tips that are worthy of consideration. 

No. 1: Recognize That You Can Learn From Everyone.

As a youngster, Rob claims he wasn’t a good student, wasn’t humble, wasn’t a good learner, and had a chip on his shoulder. He says, “Hurt people hurt people, and arrogance is often a protection mechanism to avoid exposing your hurt. I was cocky, complacent, defensive, and uncoachable.” When he saw his father in the middle of a health crisis, Rob suddenly realized he wasn’t tapping into his full potential. Growing up working in his dad’s pub, his father raised him to be an entrepreneur, training him to stock shelves and change beer kegs, however he let nights out and clothes shopping get in the way of his dreams. By December 2005, he had run up £50,000 in debt, and – feeling ashamed and guilty he decided to put away his ego, stop saying “no,” and learn something new.

Moore says, “Humility is being coachable and open to learning from everyone. The more I know, the more I discover I don’t know. Many people have a great deal of knowledge but haven’t learned how to convert that into money.”  Rob teaches people to take what they know and turn it into cash flow, which is the theme of his book, Money: Know More, Make More, Give More.  

No. 2: Find a Good Mentor.

Rob claims, “Finding a good mentor, someone who has already done what you want to do, is a secret shortcut. Learn from them because it will save you time, mistakes, and money.” After Rob decided to change his life, he met Mark Homer, who recommended reading some books: Think and Grow Rich; Rich Dad, Poor Dad; and The Richest Man in Babylon. He read all three in a week and asked for more. Mark helped him get a job in a property company, and Rob learned to source and sell deals. He paid off his debt by the end of the year and earned nearly £100,000. He and Mark set up Progressive Property, and in their first year, they bought 20 properties. Within three years, they bought and sold 100 properties. Rob is confident that mentorship was instrumental to his success.  

No. 3: Put Your Creativity to Work in Ways That Serve You and Others.

At one time, Moore expressed his creativity through painting, and – revealing that he is often asked why he quit, replies candidly, saying; “I never quit. I simply began to express my creativity in other ways, through podcasting, public speaking, creating companies, and writing books.” He claims it all taps into his creativity, adding, “Channel your artistic ability into whatever you are doing so that you have a creative edge. It will aid you in your success and make you unique.”  

No. 4: Attention and Omni Presence on All Social Media Builds Your Brand

Why work so hard to make every content piece original on each channel? “It doesn’t have to be,” he says. Some people want to hear your signature content, but you don’t necessarily have to be unique on every platform every day. A big part of growing a brand is attention, and sometimes attention comes through repetition.” Moore claims he often multi-streams live on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and Clubhouse, publishing the same content across all channels, which is fine because different people watch on different channels. Rob says, “I am a volume-based guy. The best way to learn as you go is through volume and repetition, so focus on that rather than on making everything unique.”

Rob has learned that the sweet spot is putting out between one post a day and two posts a week, despite the mantra that refraining from social media is beneficial when not promoting a product or service. “The algorithms are clever. If you don’t post on socials for a few weeks, your reach will go down a lot. The algorithms will work against you, so it’s best to keep the content flowing,” he says.

No. 5: Seek Out a Good Sponsor and Include Advertisements.

Consider advertising on your social media. For most of Rob’s podcast episodes, he didn’t run advertisements. “I was very British and apologetic about ads. But not everyone already has millions in the bank. You can now earn from day one as a creator so you should take the opportunity. People have approached him about sponsorship, and he has added some advertisements. You can be selective about the sponsors you partner with, creating a collaboration more than an advert. So why not participate?

What does “disruptive” mean to Rob? “It means evolving more quickly than the market, knowing where future changes in business and finance are going, disrupting yourself so that you stay relevant because if you don’t, someone else will disrupt you.” Rob Moore truly is The Disruptive Entrepreneur, leaning into new opportunities. He has a massive presence, and he’s not hard to find. Being disrupted by Rob Moore might be the best thing that has happened to us in a very long time. 

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