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Pioneering the Future: How Mark Schaffer Excavating Incorporates Advanced Technology and Safety Measures in Their Success Story

In the vibrant town of Norwalk, Ohio, thrives a family-owned business that encapsulates the essence of ingenuity and resilience in a competitive industry. Since its inception in 1977, Mark Schaffer Excavating & Trucking, Inc. has been making remarkable strides in the realm of mass earthmoving, establishing itself as a noteworthy player in Ohio and beyond.

A recent accolade underscores their commitment to safety. Handpicked by the Builders Exchange of Central Ohio (BX), a revered professional organization, Mark Schaffer Excavating & Trucking underwent a stringent safety inspection on their job sites. The result? They passed with flying colors, earning a prestigious safety award that recognizes their steadfast dedication to safe work practices. Eagerly awaiting the publication of this feat in the BX’s annual list, the team is positively buzzing with pride.

But safety isn’t their only strong suit. Mark Schaffer Excavating & Trucking is an undeniable trailblazer in embracing technology. Back in the early 2000s, they were pioneers in adopting GPS machine-grade technology in Ohio. Today, their operations mirror a scene from a futuristic movie, with drones circling their projects and capturing instant topographic data. This aerial perspective offers invaluable insights into the volume of earth moved daily, thereby enhancing productivity. Meanwhile, their “online” bulldozers allow seamless CAD model updates from the office laptop, a testament to their agile approach to project modifications.

Investment in their workforce is another feather in their cap. With comprehensive training in new technologies and their homegrown safety program, Mark Schaffer Excavating & Trucking is shaping a competent, skilled workforce. Their employees carry various certifications, including Mine & Safety (MSHA), Confined Space, Hazardous Materials (HAZWOPER), and Fire Main Installation, signifying their broad spectrum of expertise. The company’s dedication to safety extends to a comprehensive safety program that tackles topics pertinent to its operations and is backed by a third-party safety inspector for an unbiased assessment.

Rooted in its legacy as a family-owned business, the company is driven by the experience and knowledge of its seasoned employees. Navigating through various challenges, they’ve leveraged the wisdom of their second-generation leadership and the fresh perspectives of the third-generation. This fusion of tradition and modernity helps them successfully maneuver through complex projects with ease.

From their humble beginnings in 1977 to their progressive strides today, Mark Schaffer Excavating & Trucking is a testament to the power of innovation, safety, and legacy in reshaping the industry’s landscape. For more insight into their remarkable journey, visit their LinkedIn, Facebook, and official website.

The Mark Schaffer Excavating & Trucking story is a compelling illustration of how a small-town company can revolutionize an industry, underpinning the value of blending time-honored principles with forward-thinking strategies. Here’s to the next chapter of their extraordinary narrative as they continue redefining the excavating business standards.

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