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Matching Talents with Vision: How JTVA Outsourcing Makes Happier Entrepreneurs

For serial entrepreneur Jaycee Tan, problem-solving has always been her North Star in starting her businesses. When she decided to shift her focus to establishing a thriving agency, she had first-hand experience of what entrepreneurs struggle with— finding the right people. In her perspective, the best money-making ideas are the ones that make life easier for customers and businesses alike.

As an agency owner catering to the real estate industry, she was perpetually on her feet, matching virtual assistants with entrepreneurs who needed help making their operations run smoothly. 

Over time, she realized she had a knack for matching talent with an entrepreneur’s vision. Thus, JTVA Outsourcing was born to allow those visions into reality.


Making the Outsourcing Process Easy and Effective – The JTVA Trademark


It all started with an outpour of gratitude from her agency’s clients for the quality of virtual assistants provided to them. 

“I am very hands-on with finding the best VAs to refer to a client. I did feel the challenge when I was still in the baby years of my agency. However, I went deep into the recruitment process, figured out the real needs, and established systems based on my assessments. Happy clients go back to us and refer more in just a few months,” Tan shares. 

Providing top-notch VAs to businesses since 2020, Jaycee Tan has incorporated the core culture of her agency into her outsourcing business. A move, she believes, that sets her apart from the rest. 


The JTVA Culture: Finding The Right Match, All The Time


“I believe that trust is a crucial foundation in any relationship. In our outsourcing unit, we use that trust to be the driving factor in helping us find the right people without spinning our wheels,” shares Tan. 

She adds, “We do away with endless searches for high-caliber applicants from all over the internet and pooling them before the time-consuming elimination process. Since I have VAs who know what it takes to be considered a great assistant, we get our pool of potential matches from their list of trusted referrals. It helped us save time for the more crucial processes – interviews, test tasks, and client conversations.” 

Apart from finding people through connections they trust, JTVA Outsourcing has a unique way of qualifying people: first looking into their WHY and motivation, then the skill set later. 

“Hiring people who can do the job is easy, but finding people who go above and beyond in delivering what is expected of them; that’s like hitting the jackpot. It involves more work, but it leads us to talents that aren’t just employees – they know from the very first day that they can become the key to propelling clients to various business milestones.” 

The outsourcing agency has persisted and made its mark by straying away from the usual recruitment route.

“We have heard nightmare stories about clients having to find new talents after just a few weeks because the people they found were not a match with them. Our strategy may sound unconventional, but it has saved us from running into recruitment problems that bring the clients into step 0”, Jaycee justifies.


The JTVA Outsourcing Process


Tan and her team work hand in hand in making each course of action seamless and simple enough for clients to follow. 

In line with her realization of how valuable finding the right people is, her team finds it necessary to start the process by identifying the recruitment needs and demands. Tan shares, “The interesting thing about recruitment is that it always comes with a need. The clients don’t just need a virtual assistant, a writer, or a social media person—they often come with struggles, challenges, and big business goals. We make sure we know this at the first meeting to provide the right people.” 

According to Tan, zeroing in on the needed results please both the client and talent 99% of the time. “We match the business vision with a talent who is happy and on fire to get the client there. It’s a win-win situation for both.” 

JTVA Outsourcing has a systematic hierarchy for finding golden talents. They prioritize referrals from their VAs before posting the search on local job groups on Facebook and talent platforms like Upwork, Online Jobs PH, LinkedIn, and Hubstaff which are known to be home to quality talents. Unlike the norm, public job boards are the last resort for Jaycee Tan. 

“We rarely find ourselves considering the last resort, though. The first and second options on talent acquisition work best for us,” Tan confirms. 

The intuitive founder admits their interviews could be atypical. “We love interviews, and our talents can attest to how much we deviate from the usual interview questions. Since we focus on motivation first and skill next, we make sure our interview begins with a conversation that flows. We ask questions that encourages them to be open to us, which, in turn gives us a better idea of their vision and work style. We do this in a way where potential talents can be comfortable in fully expressing themselves and so we can know each applicant on a deeper level.”

Moving on to the JTVA panel interview, Tan and her recruiting head assess each talent. Tan has established a culture with hiring that she and her recruiting head always agree on each talent. She tells us, “At the final panel interview is where the magic happens. We’re always in awe at how in sync we are with our assessments.” 

The talent gets to finally meet the client only once the team unanimously decides to give the green light. Amazingly, every green light on client interviews is akin to an epiphany for Jaycee Tan and her team. “It still awes us to see how the clients and the talents we provide them almost immediately just click. We sometimes tell each other, ‘Oh wow, there’s another match made in recruitment heaven!’ because talent and client show excitement. Moments like that confirm that we’re doing this outsourcing business right.” 


JTVA Outsourcing – Changing the Game at How Outsourcing is Done


What has been working well for Jaycee Tan’s outsourcing unit is now creating impressive results for her agency as a whole. 

Tan confirms, “The outsourcing process needs a lot of intuition, with problem-solving as your north star. We understand that the time allotted by clients to find the right people for their business is valuable. We don’t mind taking the more intuitive route – we know it’s one of the best ways to make outsourcing work 100%.” 

To learn more about Jaycee Tan and the outsourcing processes of JTVA, click here


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