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Laura Widney of Soaak Technologies: The Intricacies of Human Frequencies in Wellness

In a world increasingly turning to alternative forms of healing and well-being, the idea of frequencies playing a role in our health isn’t new. Yet, how much do we truly know about it? Laura Widney, Co-founder of Soaak Technologies and President of Soaak Clinics, recently shed light on this fascinating realm during a recent podcast episode with Soul Aligned Self Care. Here’s what she had to say.

Laura Widney started by emphasizing the unique nature of each individual’s frequency. “Our bodies are made up of frequencies, lots of different frequencies,” she explained. Drawing parallels to the universal truth that everything is sound, vibration, and energy, she pointed out that every single individual possesses a distinctive vibrational frequency. “That is me. That is Laura Widney. I have my own unique vibrational frequency that nobody else has,” she emphasized, and so do all of us.

The concept of individual frequencies isn’t just a spiritual or holistic thought. It’s backed by science and can be found in various textbooks, as Laura Widney highlighted. “There are specific frequencies for absolutely everything that have been identified,” she said. But what’s intriguing is how her team at Soaak Technologies has leveraged this knowledge.

Their journey wasn’t merely about identifying these frequencies. Through years of appointments, testimonials, and intensive research, Laura Widney and her team ventured on a quest to test and discern which frequencies offered the most benefits for particular issues. This wasn’t a solo endeavor. “Lots of different types of practitioners were involved in this,” she shared. From naturopathic doctors, DOs, and nurses to bodywork specialists, the collaborative efforts of these experts paved the way for groundbreaking insights.

By uniting such a diverse pool of experts, they were able to derive more comprehensive findings. This collective effort not only reaffirmed the existence of individual frequencies but also led to the identification of specific frequencies that worked best for certain conditions or states of being. Such discoveries hold immense potential for the wellness and medical industries. Tailored frequency treatments, informed by years of research, could offer an alternative or complementary approach to traditional healing methods.

Soaak Technologies, under the leadership of Laura Widney, showcases the exciting intersection of science, technology, and holistic wellness. Their rigorous research on frequencies might be the key to unlocking new frontiers in personalized health and well-being.

As more is revealed in this space, one thing is certain: our understanding of the human body and its intrinsic connection to frequencies continues to deepen. Thanks to pioneers like Laura Widney, the future of frequency-based wellness looks promising, offering hope for those seeking alternative paths to health and healing.

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