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Introducing Align Sales Group: A Revolution in Sales and Marketing Solutions

Revolutionizing the Food Brokerage Industry: Align Sales Group Ushers in a New Era of Strategic Sales and Marketing Solutions

After almost two decades of reputable service, CSM Sales, a regional food brokerage firm headquartered in Brighton, Michigan, has undergone a comprehensive rebrand to become Align Sales Group. This transformation is not merely cosmetic, but a reflection of the firm’s broader services which have surpassed traditional food brokerage boundaries. Today, Align Sales Group offers a comprehensive suite of services under five major categories: Market Analysis, Strategic Sales Consulting, Marketing & Promotion, Merchandising, and Business Process Management.

The rebranding decision stemmed from the firm’s desire to manifest a more inclusive vision of its future. The new name, ‘Align’, encapsulates this vision of cooperation and creativity, as the company ventures into grocery, value, and special market channels. The change represents a major leap in the firm’s commitment to driving innovation and expansion in the industry.

Bryan Drangin, CEO of Align Sales Group, expressed his excitement about the evolution. “As technologies emerged and brands evolved, we identified an opportunity to invest in a more robust business model. As our plans unfolded, it became clear that the changes we were making were not just upgrades – they were game changers,” he said. “The evolution of CSM Sales into Align Sales Group is not just a name change. It’s a reflection of our commitment to innovation that will keep us thriving over the long haul.”

Accompanying the rebranding, Align Sales Group has unveiled fresh branding, logos, and a revitalized website. The new website sports a sleek, user-friendly interface and responsive design, as well as a company blog. Future plans include a revamp of the company’s social media platforms and the introduction of a company newsletter later this year.

David Brinkley, Regional Manager at Cheyenne International, a long-time client of Align, praised the company’s growth and innovation. “Align Sales Group has always been excellent at executing and delivering sales goals and objectives. They consistently go above and beyond to exceed our expectations. We couldn’t be happier for our friends at Align as they celebrate this growth, and we look forward to maintaining our relationship for years to come,” said Brinkley.

COO Amanda Drangin invites everyone to visit the new website. “We’re excited to share our new brand and the enhanced services we offer. We invite everyone to visit our website to learn more about our brand, services, and meet our team.”

Align Sales Group – formerly CSM Sales – is a pioneering sales and marketing organization dedicated to increasing manufacturers’ sales volume while maximizing product distribution. As a visionary in the food brokerage industry, Align is committed to building synergistic relationships between manufacturing clients, and distribution and retail partners. This rebrand signifies Align Sales Group’s commitment to aligning their clients’ needs with innovative solutions, a legacy that they intend to carry forward for many more years.

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