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How Trust Expert Sue Dyer Is Transforming Businesses into Industry Leaders

In any organization, trust is fundamental for success. It helps build teamwork and collaboration, empowering ethical decision-making. Trust also improves efficiency and is good for morale and motivation, among other benefits. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to come by, and celebrated trust expert Sue Dyer bears witness to this.

Determined to make it in life, Sue started her journey at an early age. She was one of the first women in the United States to head up a major collective bargaining unit in the construction industry. Sue negotiated with all of the construction stakeholders, including laborers, plumbers, and carpenters, an experience that helped shape her into an exceptional leader.

However, one day, something happened, opening her eyes to a new direction. Sue had attended her very first meeting of the trade association, and they had just finished their dinner when they heard a commotion outside. As she went to see what was happening, Sue found out that two of her members were having a knockdown in the men’s bathroom.

Looking back, Sue says the fistfight marked the start of her journey as a trust expert. Going back to her office, all that was going through Sue’s mind was how the two never stop competing, but she couldn’t see why as both were working in the same team with the same vision. Sue set out on a mission to prove that you can attain much more by working together, and she created the Partnering Approach.

Her approach has been used by trade unions, board committees, and industry stakeholders to accomplish things that no one thought were possible. Sue is leveraging the experience that she has gained throughout the years to create a proven methodology that is now helping organizations establish and nurture trust. 

In her book, The Trusted Leader: Use the Partnering Approach to Become the Leader People want to Follow, Sue has detailed a two-step partnering approach to help business owners create a high trust culture. As explained in the book, the first step is developing the right mindset understanding what trust really is and why it’s important. Step two uses the six partnering values to create new norms in your business that foster the behavior you need.

According to Sue, trust starts with you. She says one of the things you should ask yourself is whether the current policies and practices foster the trust culture you want to build. This will give you a clear picture of what you need to improve on and what steps you need to take.

“Train your brain to become a trusted leader who embraces communication and encourages your employees in every step of the way,” says Sue. She explains that the root cause of poor communication is mistrust, which often leads to fear amongst team members.

As Sue Dyer continues to thrive, she is transforming leadership in business and creating a high trust culture. She has developed the Trusted Leader Profile to help you see where you fall along the trusted leadership continuum and how you can improve. Sue’s dream is to have at least one million entrepreneurs/business owners committed to becoming trusted leaders.

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