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How To Mitigate Retirement Regret And Achieve Bliss With With Massachusetts’ Rise North Capital

Rise North Capital’s innovative approach empowers retirees and pre-retirees to confidently navigate the complexities of their personal financial landscapes. Here's how they do it:

Often hailed as the golden period of life, retirement should be a time for relaxation, exploration, exploration, and pursuing long-postponed dreams. However, for many retirees or pre-retirees aged 60 and older, this life stage is filled with financial uncertainty and regrets, particularly regarding pension choices.


Boston-based financial organization Rise North Capital steps up as a beacon of hope for these individuals. By offering strategic solutions to sidestep pension regrets, Rise North Capital ensures that retirees can fully embrace their twilight years with confidence. 


“A large part of what we do is to keep people calm during the storm of the markets,” shares Dominic Glasson, a top advisor at Rise North Capital. “The biggest regret retired people have with their finances is that they didn’t start saving sooner or meet with a professional.”


“I often hear comments like ‘If I had been utilizing a plan like this for the last 10, 15 or 20 years, I think I’d have double or triple the amount of money I have now,” he adds. “We understand that it’s not easy, so we are here to help them move forward, avoid these regrets, and secure their financial future.”


Dominic, who previously worked as a personal trainer, has always been dedicated to helping people achieve their quality of life objectives. “Health is, in my opinion, just as, if not more, important than finances, although they are linked,” he explains. “Even though I sit down with people to understand their needs, I feel a sense of synergy. The only difference was that I was helping people improve their health, so the transition was seamless.”


In his current role at Rise North Capital, Dominic focuses on income planning, pension optimization, and asset allocation for both pre-retirees and retirees. Supported by a team of highly proficient experts with various designations and specialties, their broad and diverse range of skills is unparalleled in the industry. This allows them to consider and address each client’s unique circumstances, goals, and risk tolerance.


“We take a very intimate approach to meeting with our clients,” Dominic explains. “Thanks to our close-team element, we never want our meetings to feel transactional. Our top priority is your satisfaction, which we communicate clearly and upfront by going out of our way to achieve.”


To further enhance their service, Rise North Capital utilizes AI and machine learning to handle routine tasks, maximizing client face time. 


When first meeting with an expert, clients can expect a comprehensive financial assessment, including including an analysis of their assets, liabilities, income, and expenses. “I always ask for a breakdown of their current financial situation so I can understand their financial landscape,” Dominic explains. “Then, I can use all my available financial tools to create a game plan.”


He continues, “In the second meeting, conversations about the plan, based on their values and mindset, can either halt progress or accelerate it. If it’s the latter, practical steps towards implementing the proposal can begin.”


Rise North Capital, built on pillars of resilience, stability, and collaboration, is committed to helping retirees live out their golden years. “Most pre-retirees or retirees aged 60+ want to leave an impact on the next generation,” shares Dominic. “By being professionally prepared, we can work together to ensure that their children and grandchildren don’t make those same mistakes.”


With a dedicated team committed to helping individuals lead fulfilling and prosperous lives, anyone seeking to avoid retirement regrets and find happiness in Boston, Massachusetts now has a solution.


“Our purpose is to develop lasting relationships, make a positive impact, and help every one of our clients reach their version of financial success,” Dominic concludes.


For more information, visit Rise North Capital at https://www.risenorthcapital.com/.

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