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How Sheila Adel; Founder of Lady Ease, Is Innovating The Feminine SkinCare Industry

Sheila Adel is the founder of Lady Ease; a feminine skincare product that is breaking taboo boundaries and helping women feel more beautiful.

When Sheila Adel began to suffer from vaginal dryness as a result of the menopausal transition, she immediately set-out to find a permanent solution that was simple and didn’t cause discomfort, nor was harmful to women’s bodies. 

The menopausal transition – that women experience often between the ages of 45-55, results in a reduction in estrogen levels in the body, ultimately making the vaginal area susceptible to becoming dry, irritated, and thin. “A discomfort that needs a skincare solution,” Adel says, from her home in Vancouver, Washington. “A solution that’s based on the highest quality ingredients that I want for myself, knowing there’s nothing harmful in it that would be absorbed through the skin, and provide the comfort that’s needed because vaginal dryness is very uncomfortable.” 

Lady Ease was created by women for women, and provides luxurious feminine skincare products that centres around a few skillfully crafted products that ultra-moisturize without irritating the skin. Lady Ease VM Oil, VM Cream, and VM Serum are primed and ready for discovery. These nourishing products vary in the way they feel and in the effect they have on the skin. The gentle VM Oil goes on light to plump and comfort, while the emollient VM Cream provides protection and nourishment, and the VM Serum has a light silky feel to calm and soothe. Lady Ease products hydrate and nourish the delicate vaginal area to provide comfort to dry skin. Expertly formulated with the highest quality organic ingredients, it is naturally pure, and free from harmful ingredients. 

The research and development expertise that went into formulating the feminine skincare products was the culmination of over three decades’ worth of engineering experience in Portland, Oregon. “I got my bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and master’s degree in engineering management,” Adel recalls. “From there, I worked for 34 years for the Bonneville Power Administration, doing work related to energy conservation technologies, designing installations of high voltage and fiber optic cables, and R&D of power systems.  During the last 10 years or so of my career at Bonneville, I worked in the research and development department for technology innovation of transmission power systems.” 

After retiring from the power industry, Adel spent several years researching, testing and developing the Lady Ease products that would go on to become the staple of her philosophy to ensure women can feel beautiful knowing they are nourished, comforted, and given peace of mind. 

So what is unique about Lady Ease that sets them aside from other feminine skincare products? “Our luxurious product blends are made of the highest quality, cold-pressed, pure organic oils and butters that are naturally rich in vitamins and essential fatty acids,” she says. “They’re also hormone-free, paraben-free, preservative-free, chemical-free, and not tested on animals.” 

Despite the groundbreaking method that Adel has engineered with Lady Ease, there is still a challenge when it comes to marketing feminine skincare products because vaginal dryness is a very personal subject. Talking about vaginal dryness can be received as insinuating something is wrong with a woman’s body. Adel shares this sentiment and offers her own thoughts as to why this is, as well as her reasons for launching the product. “When I went through menopause, I had an innocence about the aging process,” she points out. “At first, I did not understand that vaginal dryness was caused by the menopause. I thought it was temporary and things would go back to normal. But, there was that moment when I realized my body had changed and my vaginal dryness was here to stay. Honestly, I did feel bad realizing this, feeling like less of a woman, you could say. Yet, after some serious soul searching, I embraced the natural aging process”. Adel goes on to say, “It’s truly a positive mindset that we need, to rethink how we view our older self. It became clear to me that vaginal dryness simply needs skin care, a very special type of skin care, a luxury feminine skin care that uplifts women by making them feel good, beautiful”.

When probed about her long-term vision for Lady Ease, Adel says it is to make it a household name in the feminine skincare industry – not just nationally, but globally. She points out that the Lady Ease VM Collection Set consists of  skillfully-crafted products that are all a person needs when it comes to caring for vaginal skin. “You don’t want to put a lot of different products on your skin,” she says. “As soon as you start doing that, you open up to increased sensitivity or inflammation. Because the vaginal area is very responsive skin, using minimal products is the best way to go.”

Adel emphasizes the importance of the product being 100% for women by women. “It’s nourishing, it’s comforting, it’s for them,” she stresses. Lady Ease feminine skin care products are simply that; skincare! “The most important thing is the peace of mind when using the products,” Adel concludes. “These products have been laboratory tested on human vaginal tissue, not animals. These products are sustainably sourced, non-toxic and free of harmful ingredients. Women can use Lady Ease products, worry free, with peace of mind. Comfort with peace of mind is beautiful. That’s the product’s strength. And that aligns with my overall goal of making women feel more beautiful in their body.” 

Sheila Adel is the founder of Lady Ease, a revolutionary new vaginal skincare product that is transcending the feminine skin care industry. To feel comfortable in your skin, and have peace of mind visit: https://ladyease.com/

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