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How Indi Wijay Is Pioneering Tech For Micro Donations In Simple To Use App MyCutTV

Indi Wijay Mycut TV

When it comes to seeking out a way to raise money for a good cause, fund college athletes as they build their careers, or support non-profit organizations, every dollar counts. Using some of the traditional donation sites is complicated and costly, often leaving those in need paying hefty fees before accessing their funds. This is where new technology is turning the tide. MyCutTV is the prime example of this.

What Is MyCutTV?

As an app that’s easily downloaded like any other, and then automatically linked to social media accounts like Twitter or Facebook, it’s allowing for sharing in a new way. First, consider how it works:

  • After establishing an account, users follow people they already know.
  • When you follow people, you’ll see their posts on the platform’s feed.
  • Whenever you post a video to the platform, which is simple to do by filming directly within the app, others see your video.

That sounds simple enough, but there’s more to it. This is not a social media site or platform but instead a transaction company, much more like CashApp or Venmo. The more plays you get for your video, the more money you’re earning.

Here’s an example of how it may work. Let’s say an influencer creates a video that’s share-worthy. They have just 2 followers. One of those followers, though, has 200,000 followers. If this were a traditional social media account, that wouldn’t matter. The influencer just has 2 people to market to.

What makes MyCutTV different is that it goes deeper into your contacts and follower base. And, it works to make you money. That influencer can post a video for $1. They may have 2 views to it, earning them $2. However, that one follower reruns it to their 200,000 followers. Let’s say only half of them see it. That means they’ve raised $100,000 with one video.

What’s more, the company has revamped how it handles rerun commissions. It’s poised to revolutionize the entire social media monetization market. When a follower reruns the content to their followers, they earn $50,000. Just sharing content enables users to make money, creating a strong ability to raise money quickly and continuously.  Whoever shares content is earning commission.

Let’s circle back a bit to that exam. With MyCutTV, if an influencer has just 2 followers, and one of them has 100,000 followers and the other has 20,000 followers, that creates the potential to earn $120,000 for that influencer. These multiples over time with every share.

What’s more, every time a person posts on-demand content, people have the incentive to share and watch it. The commission setup is revolutionary compared to other models that require interaction with the videos or long-term sales and brand building.

How Does MyCutTV Support Micro Donation Goals?

MyCutTV, founded by Indi Wijay, was designed as a content-sharing platform, enabling creators to earn direct financial rewards for their work. Once it was put into place, it quickly became a way for individuals to earn direct financial rewards for their work.

The app has grown to do much more than it was designed to do, with good results. The technology can be used by anyone – those in sports, non-profit organizations, influencer personalities, marketing companies, and many others. The app is changing human behaviors, empowering individuals to earn a significant amount with simple shares.

Why Does MyCutTV Matter?

This technology helps monetize and raise funds for any cause or goal. It is an opportunity for individuals to create videos that are interesting, thought-provoking, funny, or any other style, and earn from doing so. Unlike other platforms, it does not require a traditional interaction with the video

For those who need micro-funding for any need, this platform creates an opportunity to earn it without all of the complications that traditional marketing requires. Anyone can use this opportunity. It enables any creator the opportunity to connect and earn. More so, it creates a financial stream for people to monetize what they do. That could be a coach teaching a specific skill or math teachers aiming to provide support.

At the end of the day, this technology is helping to create micro-donation success – it does not take a large amount of investment to raise funds for good causes or to fund an influencer’s dream. More so, there are nearly limitless opportunities to earn using this platform, and that can mean a lot of opportunities for today’s creators.

Learn more about MyCutTV here!

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